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Fuzhou city streets Minhou 15 year old girl lost to   two days left the river – Fujian reflected channel — people.com.cn original title: Fuzhou city streets Minhou 15 year old girl lost two days later. The girl’s grandmother has been in the river of tears "I a lot of pressure, don’t miss the book……" October 3rd at noon, the streets of Minhou, the United States and the United States 15 years old girl in the village Xiao Chen (a pseudonym) left a letter on the desk at home, they left home. Two days later, when the family saw her, is the sand bridge a cold corpse. Xiao Chen is the only woman in the home, the mother has mental problems, the Father also has intermittent mental illness, a family of 63 year old grandmother selling pot life. Granddaughter’s death let Grandma emotional collapse, the father of the morning is also stimulated by the mental illness, once again into the mental hospital. This unfortunate family is on the verge of despair…… On weekdays she introverted but sensible thrifty stubborn yesterday morning, Minhou Hou Mei Cun of a shabby house, heard bursts of crying, white haired Chen Barenboim collapsed in a family, his eyes red and swollen, the sound has been crying hoarse. Small morning Aunt Zhang told reporters the sea, small morning in Fuzhou this year in six on the third day, the result is good, normally very sensible, very thrifty, and grandma very good feelings. 3 at noon, Xiao Chen left home, and then did not come back. On her desk in the room, the family found a letter, she said she was a lot of pressure, do not want to read, want to jump". After the morning lost contact with his family to find everywhere, and finally found in the village of the small side of the morning bike and slippers. Ms. Zhang said, Xiao Chen is a character introverted but stubborn child, weekdays and family communication is not much, probably because of family reasons, a relatively low self-esteem". At home, the good hearted people to help look at the current police is determined to commit suicide." Ms. Zhang said. About the small morning may trigger Dutch act, Ms. Zhang said, may be relevant and remedial. Due to the small family on the third day, morning in the summer morning to let the small English, but small morning, summer classes high fees, etc. to go to cram school after school days, charges will be much lower. Did not expect the school after the small morning go to the teacher, but because the cram school is full and was refused. "She’s been depressed." The morning of the father has been blamed for the morning to go to cram school, which also gave her pressure. Xiao Chen’s father yesterday returned to the mental hospital, his medical expenses also make the family worse. Ms. Zhang said, small morning grandmother old, dry, she hopes to be able to apply for subsistence allowances; and for the morning father’s medical expenses, but also hope to have good people to help. (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Xia Yuqing Chen Gongzhang Mao Zhaoqing) (commissioning editor Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou)相关的主题文章: