Experts put forward the worst academic misconduct forgery, tampering, plagiarism, and plagiarism adobe gamma

Experts put forward the "academic misconduct worst": forgery, tampering, plagiarism and copying the original title: academic misconduct worst: forgery, tampering, plagiarism is plagiarism and academic misconduct in recent years more and more technology to show and discuss the problem seems to be getting more, repeated the trend. The day before, frontier science and Technology Forum held at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Division, China physics letters editor, Professor of physics at Tsinghua University academician Zhu Bangfen proposed to distinguish between scientific research in academic misconduct and academic misconduct, and resolutely combat and curb the misconduct. Zhu Bangfen will be divided into three kinds of scientific research behavior, scientific research misconduct and scientific misconduct. Responsible scientific research behavior is to pay attention to the integrity of scientific research, is responsible for the taxpayer, responsible for the environment and the future, responsible for the students. What is scientific research misconduct? Zhu Bangfen quoted a statement, the president of the United States Office of science and technology in 2000 include: 1: Forged forgery, data or results, and record or report; 2: false tampering in scientific research materials, equipment or process, or tampering, missing data or results, make scientific records do not accurately reflect the 3 plagiarism and research; Plagiarism: stealing other people’s ideas, methods, achievements or words not enough to illustrate the contribution to others. Although there are a number of new varieties of academic misconduct, such as fraud review, but the most important of the worst three." Zhu Bangfen said. There are some behavior is between academic integrity and academic misconduct, Zhu Bangfen thought that in the gray area is the academic misconduct, "such as the abuse of privilege, peer-reviewed research object of interest and loss of the negative results of concealment, there is experimental, ethical paradox of ignoring and so on." Zhu Bangfen said, often the three typical domestic academic misconduct and some academic misconduct are confused, called "academic misconduct, which expanded the academic misconduct, actually protect the academic misconduct of the worst." At present, most domestic universities and scientific research institutions have not defined what is academic misconduct. In this regard, the academic norm in Fudan University (Trial), clear norms of scientific misconduct, such as improper use of scientific information, without authorization, will obtain in the review of manuscripts, books and other documents of the project application information, other unpublished works or research plan, publish, disclose to the third or for their own use; not to disclose known academic achievements of their publication of the defects, defects or side effects; exaggerate the significance and role of the academic achievement; improper use of data and so on. In addition, there is a result of improper signature and non intentional caused by a multi vote and repeated publication, etc.. At the forum, Zhu Bangfen proposed that we should vigorously promote the responsible conduct of research; resolutely oppose and combat scientific misconduct, the implementation of "one vote veto"; to start from education, criticism of scientific research misconduct. For scientific research integrity, Zhu Bangfen put it to the height of modern science and technology development foundation. Public support for scientific research is not unconditional, if the loss of integrity research, the public will no longer trust and support research. For individual scientists and technicians, once the loss of scientific research integrity, which will be its graduate students.相关的主题文章: