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Expert: Car networking is the future of "Beidou" a very large application direction – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong, September 25 (reporter Ceng Ping) China Academy of Sciences Optoelectronics Research Institute researcher, the Beidou satellite navigation system "scientist Xu Ying said in Hongkong on 25, as the Beidou navigation system platform can provide the bottom the data in this data can be derived from a myriad of industries, from the development trend of technology point of view, car networking will be the future of" Beidou "a very large application direction. Xu Ying day in Hongkong organized by the solidarity fund "caike Expo" published "Beidou satellite navigation" change our lives from the navigation speech, the origin, development and application of "Beidou" and other aspects of the navigation system is brought to life change. When it comes to applications in the field of car networking, Xu Ying said, as the intelligent mobile phone as a carrier to change the Internet, the vehicle will become the carrier under a "Internet plus", through the reconstruction of vehicle hardware, the Beidou system can bring additional value to the industry, to become the Internet economy new car Networking Growth point. On the application of the "Beidou" in the transportation logistics, Xu Ying also mentioned the driver fatigue monitoring. She said the vehicle loaded with the Beidou system can be the driver and vehicle status feedback to the traffic center, in order to achieve the purpose of safe driving. For example, the driver has been driving for 6 hours, forcing him to stop at the side of the road for half an hour to continue driving. Xu Ying said, Beidou application is divided into military and civilian. In terms of fishing boats, the Beidou system has a unique communication function, which means that if the fishermen in distress at sea, not only can know where they are, but also to inform other people to rescue. There are already 70% of the South China Sea fishing boats using the Beidou system. Xu Ying will be the Beidou System Application in forest fire fighting metaphor for the "as if mounted on the eyes, ears, because they can help with the fastest way to reach the fire point. In addition, she also mentioned the application of "Beidou" in precise timing, earthquake relief, weather monitoring, intelligent agriculture, animal protection etc.. Beidou system is an infrastructure of the country." She said. Response to the outside world is a question of reliable navigation, Xu Ying refers to this is not only the question of the Big Dipper, GPS and other systems are also facing this question. When the satellite signal twenty thousand or thirty thousand kilometers to reach the ground has been very weak, from the technical level is likely to be disturbed, but the law is not allowed to do so, in addition to many anti-jamming means and methods, but there is no need for small disturbance to do large-scale prevention work and the like no one day to go out wearing armor like. So there is no need to worry about the reliability of navigation." Xu Ying said. (end)相关的主题文章: