European companies do not want China to enjoy lower tariffs to prevent EU from giving market

European enterprises to enjoy lower tariffs Chinese resistance EU grant market economy status [Global Times special correspondent in Germany Aoki] according to the German "economic news" reported on 13, more than 5000 from the iron and steel industry employees, enterprises and representatives of the trade union planned for Monday in Brussels tour, against the European Union to give Chinese "market economy status". The German financial network commented that the protests will make the EU more scrutiny when making decisions, but it is difficult to change the final results, to be a win-win outcome China overall market position. In fact, according to the "Protocol" China joined WTO relevant provisions of anti-dumping "surrogate country" approach to the expiration of 15 years, will automatically expire in December 11, 2016. The economic news 13 reported that the demonstration was organized by the European enterprise alliance, which joined 30 representatives of the European Union’s industrial sector. The organization believes that once the EU recognizes China’s market economy status, China’s products will enjoy lower tariffs. But a document issued by the European Commission pointed out that recognizing the status of China’s market economy will not cause unemployment as much as critics worry. The European Union (EU) launched a 10 week network public consultation on whether to recognize China’s market economy status or not on the 10 day. According to the provisions of China WTO fifteenth, in anti-dumping and countervailing investigations, the dumping margin can be determined not to the actual cost data China commodity as the basis, and the choice of a market economy third or importer of similar commodity price, namely the "surrogate country" approach. The term of application of the clause in anti-dumping is 15 years, that is to say, it should be automatically invalid in December 11, 2016. It is understood that, at present the global 81 countries including New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Russia and Brazil, that China market economy status. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

欧企不愿中国享更低关税 阻欧盟给予市场经济地位   【环球时报驻德国特约记者 青木】据德国《经济新闻报》13日报道,5000多名来自钢铁等行业的员工、企业及工会代表计划于周一在布鲁塞尔游行,反对欧盟给予中国“市场经济地位”。德国财经网评论说,抗议会让欧盟在做决定时更多审视,但很难改变最终结果,给予中国市场地位总体来说是双赢的结局。事实上,根据《中国加入世贸组织议定书》相关条款,反倾销“替代国”的做法15年到期,将于2016年12月11日自动失效。   《经济新闻报》13日报道称,此次游行示威由欧洲企业联盟组织,它联合了欧盟30个工业部门代表。该组织认为,欧盟一旦承认中国的市场经济地位,中国产品将享受更低关税。但欧盟委员会此前公布的一份文件指出,承认中国市场经济地位不会像批评人士担忧的那样造成大量人员失业。欧盟10日就是否承认中国市场经济地位发起为期10周的网络公众咨询。   根据中国加入世界贸易组织议定书第15条的规定,在反倾销和反补贴调查中,倾销幅度的确定可以不以中国商品的实际成本数据为依据,而选择一个市场经济第三国或进口国的同类相似商品价格,即“替代国”做法。该条款在反倾销方面的适用期是15年,即2016年12月11日应自动失效。据了解,目前全球已有包括新西兰、澳大利亚、瑞士、俄罗斯以及巴西等在内的81个国家承认中国市场经济地位。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: