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Business Earthquake retrofitting is the reinforcing of a house so that it is less likely to be separated from its foundation during an earthquake. Different areas of the United States have different standards for earthquake retrofitting. For example, in Seattle, WA structures built before the 1980s, generally, will not meet recent safety codes and may be at risk damage, should an earthquake strikes the viscinity. Retrofitting stabilizes the building so that it is very stabilized during an earthquake. reinforcing the understructure of the building is one of the key elements in making sure that the building stays upright so that after an earthquake, repair is nominal. At risk structures that have not been sufficiently secured, where foundation bolting to the understructure has not taken place, may not be able to withstand an earthquake. 95% of structures that are shaken from their foundations by the shear force of an earthquake are damaged so severly that they are unsalvageable and must be demolished entirely. Earthquake retrofitting ensures that a building is securely bolted to its foundation. In certain situations a building can be damaged so severly by an earthquake and its aftermath that the inhabitants are not allowed to return, not even to obtain their items for fear that the building may .e down at any moment. When seeking to retrofit your building, it is always a good idea to hire a construction contractor. The process should begin with a home inspection and an analysis of what the initial steps should be to make your building as safe as possible from the destruction of an earthquake. In some locations of the United States there are classes that help homeowners to understand the details of earthquake retrofitting. It is important to get to know the stability of the foundation of your building and to know if it necessitates earthquake retrofitting. There are even loans that owners may apply for in order to be able to pay for the cost of retrofitting a building. Typically the prerequisite for applying for the loan is attending the retrofitting class. The advantages of retrofitting a building are varied. It will save the owner money if the building is involved in an earthquake in that the property will be saved from total destruction. Also deductibles for earthquake insurance policies are sometimes as much as 10% of the value of the building. If your house is retrofitted this would significantly lessen your out-of-pocket expense. While no building can be entirely earthquake-proof, retrofitting minimizes the extent of destruction that a building might sustain. In the long run if an earthquake hits the area, retrofitting will pay for itself and lets face it, the cost of retrofitting a house is less than the cost of replacing it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: