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Drive can also lead to break up? These 6 kinds of driving behavior most women dislike – Sohu automobiles drive pickup is a lot of men love to do the most things, at the right of the goddess sitting in the copilot, abnormal heart excited, in order to show their superb driving skills, a variety of rampage, plugging, Lane change…… Think in posing cool, but sitting next to the woman had been scared, the heart is aversion to you. Indeed many men think through intense driving way to show their "God" – like technology, will let the girls on their own instantly kill you sit up and take notice…… Actually! Don’t be silly, it’s all in the movies. In fact, the radical way of driving is actually very annoying girls. Today is to talk with you (no PS) which driving behavior of men’s aversion to recruit women: 1, the sudden acceleration of many men to show off their cars and driving in front of your favorite woman, all the love in the driving process suddenly accelerated, in this way the most offensive to recruit women. Women than men timid, sudden and sharp acceleration not only can let the woman become extremely nervous, also easy to make the woman body unwell cause motion sickness. And most of the younger sister do not know the car, they will only be judged by the appearance and brand of the car is good or bad, the strength of the power for them there is no concept. Besides the general driving instability will happen, if you always drive car, it will think you are not a poor woman. 2, frequent braking is often easy to brake hard for her sister feel nervous and uncomfortable, but also easy to cause security risks. So the woman not only will question your driving skills, you will feel this person isn’t stable, not suitable for life…… So in order to leave a good impression of the sister left, it is necessary to try to linear, gentle step on the brakes. 3, always change the way to overtake the sister to go on a date, if there is no emergency, do not always overtake. Constantly changing lanes on the road overtaking is very dangerous, easy to cause traffic accidents, their own and other people’s lives and property security threats. And constantly overtaking will also let the girl feel you’re "too edgy" for instant success, not stable. Even more frightening is that your sister will feel that you are so irresponsible for his life, but also what is responsible? 4, do not give way to pedestrians and vehicles drove a woman out, encountered on the road vehicles or pedestrians jump across the road, many men feel that if the "jump or across" words will let the girl feel "," not MAN! Don’t let so resolutely whistle…… In fact, not only do not let woman think you are MAN, but will let the woman abandon you are not polite and accomplishment, so before you painstakingly build image instantly fall. 5, when the road is not always hesitant to change the idea of overtaking lane, but the road must be resolutely determined. If you change so little hesitation, woman will think you work too much ink, a little bold. No man is indecisive can appeal to women. 6, often honk a lot of people in the driving system相关的主题文章: