Don’t fasten the safety belt brake is not more than 11 years old driver died at high speed norton disk doctor

Don’t fasten the safety belt brake is not more than 11 years old driver did not do a good job in high speed on the death warning measures before the car after the accident, the car driver in high speed running without a seat belt. More than 11 points the day before yesterday, with two accident deaths caused by the accident G1501 Ningbo beltway Ningbo West toll station near the car driver died due to his injuries. The 11:16, a van carrying iron scrap along G1501 Ningbo beltway, suddenly left front tire out, vehicles parked in the middle of the first lane and second lane." High speed traffic police said the driver Zhang master and passengers to get off to see the situation, they came to the emergency lane outside the alarm and waiting for rescue. At that time, Master Zhang is not required to do warning measures. In the car tire Master Zhang ten minutes later, a white car fast through the road, the vehicle straight hit a truck parked in the driveway. Zhang quickly came to see the master, the car driver Qiu card in the cab can not move, seriously injured. After receiving the alarm Zhang, ambulance and high-speed traffic police rushed to the scene the first time, the wounded sent to hospital. It is a pity that the car driver revenge due to injury, died." High speed traffic police found in the investigation, in the course of the driver did not wear a seat belt. "Through the scene and retrieval of video surveillance, we also found a hatred before the accident did not take any measures to brake." Police found in the investigation, Qiu is a 11 year old driver of driving experience. However, in the course of high-speed driving, he did not wear seat belts. What happens when an accident, why directly hit? Currently, the accident is still being processed. High speed traffic police to remind again, safety is no small matter, driving a seatbelt is a top priority. Focus must be at a high speed in the driving process, do not rely on good driving skills and ignore the safety. "At the same time to remind the driver, if the vehicle tire broke down, or accident happened on the highway traffic, must be timely alarm and make corresponding measures so as to avoid warning, alarm and rescue is not timely resulting in more serious consequences."相关的主题文章: