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.puters-and-Technology A magazine numérique is also .monly known as an electronic magazine, which is published in a digital format and is truly different from traditional magazine. It is a magazine that is published on the Internet via bulletin board system and can be easily read on personal .puter. By taking the advantage of digital technology, the publishers create the digital magazine. You can add animations, videos, audios and links within the magazine, in order to make it more attractive and informative as well. It is better option to choose digital format than print medium as it greatly eliminates the publishing prices. Being simply a digital interpretation of the print media, the digital magazine has different added benefits and these are mentioned below: Instant reach to global audience: Magazine numérique has the ultimate advantage of reaching readers within a click that stays even beyond regional boundaries. It is said to be the powerful means to keep readers in a close proximity even if they have moved to another location. As it is circulated via Inter., you can easily send your digital edition to the anticipated readers. Fast publishing and distribution: With the help of World Wide Web, you can not only publish but can also distribute your digital magazine to the anticipated readers easily. The process can be continued without incurring heavy expenses or logistic associates. In one word you can say that digital magazine is the fastest mean to reach to the wider engage audiences in a short time. Flexibility of managing content: As the process is digital, you have the advantage of managing the content according to your preference. You can create any layout of content, allot the number of pages for the magazine, add video, audio or even links to make it more readable. Best way to measure advertising goal: Through magazine numérique, you can also study the number of readers clicked on the hot link provided in the advertisement. More editorial tools: When we speak about the magazines digital content, you would find out that advanced editorial tool to create reader friendly contents. Get instant audience feedback: The process also explains to count easy survey on audience and this also assists in grabbing immediate feedback on any content. Polls and surveys are the great way to find the involvement of the readership and read their feedback as well. In addition to the mentioned benefits, there are also different other advantages as well that includes instant analytics, easy publishing to Ipads and other technological devices, eliminated revenue loss and many more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: