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How can you improve your results beyond your wildest expectations? The best fishermans Christmas gift is not what you might expect! It will make the most difference to results and to instant and long-term development and success. Once you have, you will have it for a lifetime and it will continue to get better and better, but what could this ultimate gift possibly be; read on to find out more! Speaking as one of those few to have hooked a world record carp, I can assure you that imagining achieving such a feat as a 10 year old was far beyond my belief. When I began carp fishing, in the seventies, just starting out making baits on my mothers kitchen table all I knew was that adding certain substances to my bread paste baits definitely made a drastic difference! The difference between different bait .ponents and levels of these substances instantly changed and improved precisely how active fish became, how fish fed and to how many carp I landed in a days fishing. This was even easier to determine in those early days since most of my carp fishing was done very traditionally float fishing and not ledgering! But my learning curve could only go so far with my personal limited experience, resources, access to waters and bait ingredients! I cut out pictures and reports from angling papers of the time, with names such as Rod Hutchinson, Kevin Maddocks, and pioneers of this era. I collected their baits and tactics, tackle and waters and sizes of fish on my bedroom wall. I dreamed of big fish and emulating my heroes! My growing collection of course angling books with sections by Fred J. Taylor, or Peter Stone all added to my consciousness building up a picture of possibilities and I still tied flies and went sea fishing and used many tactics and refined them which would later be called new. This apprenticeship included hair-rigging for bass, using paternoster sliding rigs for bass and finicky flatfish and eels in muddy estuaries; chod rigs really, using very shot hook links. I very soon realised the advantages of using very heavy leads and curved hook links with extremely think long-pointed hooks; so fish self-hooked themselves. The slow build up of information garnered from fishing papers were very important added to personal actual fishing experience where testing of new baits every trip really helped build a feeling and inner picture of what worked best. This all began at the time of special pastes, free lining and using large hooks with in-curved hooked such as the size 2 OLion DOr hook. In the seventies, many waters had no upper doubles at all and a twenty was yet to be reached. A thirty was a genuine fish of a lifetime and access to waters with even 1 thirty seemed far far away. The British Carp Study Group was like a gathering of the most innovative and determined pioneers and the entry requirements meant you had to be among the most successful and outstanding anglers among your peers. To be a member was one of my dreams and I was so proud to be.e a member back in 2005, based on a string of outstanding multiple forties captures my previous catches and release of my very first bait ebook entitled Big carp bait secrets. But my very first step in my fishing success was at age 10 doing my first ever project at school, which of course was all about fishing and freshwater fish. Carp was the major focus and even included diagrams and hand-drawn fish pictures. This project actually taught me to read as at that time I didnt read very well so it meant doing a huge amount of reading! There were no readily-available carp magazines to speak of in those days, and no videos, no ways to gain the most advanced information for the likes of myself. In fact, in the seventies, though aspects of high protein baits were discussed in fishing papers, carp fishing really was a very secretive sport indeed and few anglers on the bank actually dedicated their fishing specifically towards catching only carp, even in summer! I look back and can see that what made the biggest difference to my fishing success wasnt the tackle, because much of it was literally homemade, from landing nets, to rods, to bank sticks, to alarms, to rod rests, to bivvies, to padded bed chairs, to adapted hooks and leads, to homemade indicators. All baits were homemade. There simply wasnt a carp bait industry or carp tackle industry to speak of back in the seventies, though Heron alarms for instance and much cheaper versions could be purchased. I caught my very first double on a float rod and my first doubles at my first syndicate water on ledgering rods, not dedicated carp rods. I think my first 20 was caught on a pike rod, in the third week of December. I was so keen that in winter I would fish under a 45 inch umbrella, (Pre-wavelock) in falling snow and high winds. I would be wearing wellies, freezing my feet and be sitting on a deck chair right next to my rods. I would strike at any indication that seemed not a wind or line bite! This approach in fact produced many carp for me, some very quickly, and I often used very soluble pastes. Soluble pastes were my favourite approach as I simply had been using such baits and applications more than any other and so had far more depth of experience, and understanding in making these baits better and better over many years. I have always preferred paste baits and unheated pastes for one thing because on waters that had not been exposed to boilies ever before or had been exposed too much to them they are simply instant and have massively superior properties and form .pared to heated boilies which can take a long time and large volumes of baits to actually work! Pastes require the smallest amount of bait and work instantly. This is especially when they are genuinely optimised, which is another .pletely different world of bait away from boilies altogether (.pared to what the mass majority of anglers on the bank are currently aware of.) All my most recent years of no egg no heat multiple processing of refining of vital palatability factors and water-reactivity factors and internal and sensory optimising and maximising goes far beyond any readymade bait, even the Nash cultured hook baits This is truly an entirely new concept of designing, processing, applying and fishing baits never seen before. Looking back, using highly-soluble paste baits, short rigs, tight lines, striking single bleeps or line movements meant hooking fish when many other tactics would mean missed fish and fish that got away with it. Sitting inside a bivvy expecting the rig to always do the job using boiled baits is not the perfect solution; many anglers are more and more aware of this today! Just because a method has worked well in the past does not mean it is the best, even if the majority are using it. It was no coincidence that over those 29 years, Ive constantly kept returning to using baits without eggs and without heating and reaping very often instant big fish rewards. However, I have not kept to the conventional ways of designing boilies or pastes. I started out by aiming training to be.e a horticultural researcher and my real goal was to work within the fishing industry, yet jobs at the time were simply not numerous as a significant recession was happening, recurrently. So I went my own way, dedicating my life to carp fishing from the age of 21; literally working to fish. Jack Hiltons Quest for carp hugely inspired me as I followed in my own ways, working incredibly hard in order to spare the time to fish and develop my fishing experiences and achieve my big fish goals. For this reason I achieved the catches of a lifetime, which I only previously dreamt of. But this intense personal development also meant evolving my baits extremely more rigorously than is normal eventually to rejecting popular concepts and going outside the limitations of conventional HNV and so-called food baits, boilies heated baits rolled baits and egg-based baits. I spent nearly 20 years making baits based on very conventional so-called food bait principles, yet over the past 10 years most especially my experiences testing and thoughts have lead me to actively avoid the old-fashioned ways of designing boilies using high nutritional and balanced nutritional design principles. This process of change has not just involved my own fishing and extremely persistent testing on lakes, within walking distance or even sight of my kitchen window. Over the past 7 years since doing one to one bait tuitions with clients of every level of experience and ability their use of my evolving design methods and bait structuring and processing and alternative production methods has produced remarkable big fish results against the leading brand readymades. As my personal bait design processes and bait making methods have evolved outside of the box of readymade food bait thinking and production methods, my results have improved, especially for bigger fish and more rarely-caught fish. This has resulted in a wonderful breakthrough, of going beyond food baits and entering a new more effective world of big fish baits that even beginners can begin to make and apply. Ive genuinely evolved and refined a superior system proven to defeat conventional leading brand food bait boilies. Bait is the biggest leveler in carp fishing against superior experience, watercraft, time and other resources. No angler has any reason to not use the absolute best bait that their fish have ever experienced in their lives, yet be certain in the knowledge that no-one has ever used those baits on those fish ever before. The biggest edge in carp fishing is not merely being different, but precisely knowing exactly how to be different to the mass majority, to be outside of that mindset and always keep ahead of bait-induced feeding caution! This involves access to the most unique information, which is outside of that found in the popular magazines and videos. Warren Buffet, one of the worlds richest men is quoted as saying that Honesty is a very expensive gift; do not expect it from cheap people. By this he really means that their experience has been incredibly costly to them and takes years of refinements and mistakes to find what actually in truth works best, beyond what is known in the public domain already. To find true edges, is a rare thing, but once you have them, the rewards are totally transformative and such incredibly powerful understanding, insight, appreciation and detailed information will put you ahead for life! Genuinely superior insight and information is extremely hard to find, especially where everything needed is all in one place, where beginners to the most experienced anglers can understand, apply and make baits and expect equally successful results. I mean where this is because the information has been so crafted and based actually upon years of tuitions on how to make homemade baits to defeat leading brand readymade boilies, with .plete beginners, to guys who have in the past founded and run big bait .panies. I would say it is a totally unique thing to find someone who is on your side who will not run a bait .pany, who is extremely experienced and knowledgeable and is only interested in seeking the truth about what works best in genuinely optimising baits. It is totally unique to find someone whose aim is to empower you to make homemade baits capable of defeating the most advanced leading brand readymade baits. This is not merely the goal, but now is actual reality. Knowledge is not power, to be self-empowered by incredibly refined practical knowledge tested successfully by people of every level catching big fish unusually quickly is power! It is nearly 7 years since I released my last ebook entitled Big carp and catfish flavour and feeding trigger secrets. Thats nearly 7 years evolution and creating the most .prehensive, game-changing bait-optimising ebook ever. I dont believe in hype, but in ground roots re.mendations; because exceptional results speak louder than words. Yet it takes words and pictures to bring knowledge alive to create the greatest gift in carp fishing! For over 6 years Ive constantly been refining, updating and evolving my one to one intensive 1 day personalized course formats, content and emphases for beginners to expert levels, due to so many anglers questions about bait design and bait making needing answering very directly and clearly! The very best of refinements from all these tuitions and clients baits and catches feedback led me to produce a written word and picture-emphasised cutting-edge bait making course, which already has proven to empower anglers of every level, to make world class homemade baits that defeat the most well-known leading brand readymade baits. Revealed within my unique readymade and homemade carp and catfish bait secrets 1 to 1 cutting-edge bait tuition and new Ultimate carp bait secrets ebook is massively more powerful, totally new and unique information! Why not visit my dedicated website (Baitbigfish;) see my biography and secrets in the truly game-changing, massive new Ultimate big carp making secrets course ebook, now! By Tim Richardson. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: