Depression has become the number one killer suicide patients how to help themselves puritans pride

Depression has become the number one killer of depression patients how to save themselves in September 10th is teacher’s day, but few people know that this day is also the world suicide prevention day. The evening of September 16th, a 28 year old male star leaked online news of Qiao Renliang’s death, multi confirmed that micro-blog was maxed that paralyzed for several hours, the cause of death may be traced to the depression Dutch act. Whenever a celebrity suicide because of depression, people will mention the word, but many people do not know the difference between depression and depression. For Dutch act the negative energy of things, a lot of people at the most false root candle surface, inside is full of contempt for the weak. Suicide has become the fifth leading cause of death in our country, and is the leading cause of death among young adults. 80% of them are from depression, and only 9% of the people in psychiatric treatment, depression has become the "number one killer", Dutch act of depression patients how to save themselves? Depression is not a "sentimental disease" a lot of people think that depression is a kind of "hypocritical" disease, is satiate the blind to cause. This is actually a misunderstanding, in fact, depression is affecting normal life, learning, work and interpersonal relationship of the executioner. If the disease is severe, the patient will have a tendency to commit suicide or hurt. The causes of depression are generally believed to be caused by genetic factors, biochemical factors, environmental factors and personality factors. Depression is a rusty brain depression divided into mild depression and severe depression, mild depression may be associated with depression, alienation, isolation, physical discomfort, loss of appetite and sleep disorders. The patients with severe depression appears to be pessimistic and worldweary and despair, Dutch act behavior of hallucination, dysfunction, and severe. Director of Department of psychiatry, Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University professor Ji Jianlin had the brains of depressed patients compared to a rusty car, "depression brain is like a rusty machine, although the movement is slow, but there is no lack of spare parts, no organic disease. Therefore, it is easier to treat than the heart, liver, and other organic diseases. Professor Ji Jianlin to do the image of the metaphor, the main purpose is to tell patients and their families, depression can cure the disease. The need for self treatment of depression depression is the heart of the cold, saying, heart medicine for the heart. Mental health center of Shanghai Mental Health Wang Zhen said that a lot of people once suffering from depression, often the first to find reasons from their own personality, that depression is caused by their own character defects. But in fact know my personality, accept your character than to find "defects", instead of the depression as a pure evil, rather than to recognize it as a true self better and improve their character of opportunity. Mild depression in general can be alleviated by self treatment, self treatment methods include the following: more exercise, more work, more fun, more development interests, more and more people. Avoid all kinds of risk factors, such as depression, work pressure, social relationships and so on. Should cooperate with the doctor for psychological treatment or antidepressant treatment, do a good job of psychotherapy. The incidence is related to psychological factors and the effect of psychotherapy相关的主题文章: