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Dalian Zhongshan Road intermediate vendors put 1.5 meters wide 2 meters long, carts bake sweet potatoes, the middle of the road stall, she is very calm. Small traders to stand before the side of the road, It is quite common for everyone. It’s rare for vendors to place them in the middle of the road. Not to mention the heavy traffic in Zhongshan Road…… The driver saw her and said she was so big. This photo is at 13:44 on the 3, reporters in Zhongshan Road Xinghai Square West, that is, air china hotel front section. Mr. Zhou found this phenomenon when he passed here, and then told reporters. Reporters see, this is a baked now sold roasted sweet potato vendors. Small homemade carts parked 1.5 meters wide and 2 meters long, one meter high baked sweet potato stove, a large cardboard box filled with sweet potatoes and some auxiliary products. Sweet potato stand not only takes up part of the pedestrian crossing, also accounted for 1.5 metres wide roadway. Reporters observed on the side of the road for a period of time, not only passers-by stopped buying in the middle of the road, but also the driver waiting for the red light to stop buying. There is a jeep driver to buy potatoes in lights, in the change process, before the car has gone, but the money has not find the end. The driver behind the car pressed the horn straight. Zhongshan Road is usually very busy during the holiday season, traffic flow and traffic in this section of the potato may increase, from here to find a "business", but also can not ignore the safety. Reporter Li Chuanbao

大连中山路中间商贩摆1.5米宽2米长推车烤地瓜 马路中间摆摊,她很坦然。   小商贩把摊儿摆在马路边上,大家司空见惯。而小贩把摊摆在马路中间就罕见了。更何况是车水马龙的中山路……司机行人见了说她,胆儿真大。   这张照片是3日13时44分记者摄于中山路星海广场西侧,也就是国航宾馆门前路段。周先生途经这里时发现这一现象,随后,向记者报料。记者看到,这是一个现烤现卖的烤地瓜商贩。一辆1.5米宽2米多长的自制小推车上,有一个一米多高的烤地瓜炉子,一个大纸盒箱里装着地瓜和一些辅助用品。地瓜摊不仅占去了部分行人斑马线,还占去了1.5米宽的车行道。记者在马路边上观察了一段时间,不仅有过路的行人在马路中间驻足购买,也有等红灯的司机停车购买。其中有一辆吉普车司机在等灯时购买地瓜,就在找钱的过程中,前车已经开走了,但钱还没有找完。弄得后面车的司机直摁喇叭。   中山路平时就很繁忙,节日期间这一路段的车流量和客流量有增无减,这烤地瓜的也许从这里找到了“商机”,但也不能忽视安全。   记者李传报相关的主题文章: