Dalian novice driver mistakenly stepped on the accelerator to the horse icesword

Dalian novice driver wrong step on the accelerator head to the Malanhe SUV "upside down" in the dam on the day before yesterday evening around 11, Xinghai Square month pick the north side of the bridge accident occurred: a cross-country car upside down broke down the fence into the Malan River dam, and relying on the "upside down", but fortunately not upside down in the water. Reporters learned in the interview, the driver of the car is a novice, may temporarily panic as the throttle brake. Previously, here also occurred in the vehicle broke through the fence into the Malan River accident. At 11:30 at night, the SUV crashed into the river is not out. The car was 45 degrees angle inverted in the river. Witnesses said the car was the pier and fence all open, head in. "The car is a driver and a male passenger." Witnesses said that at that time, if the speed of the car a little faster, they rushed into the water. In an interview, the reporter learned that trapped drivers and passengers to catch the bumper to climb up on their own. The driver told the crowd he was still suffering from the shock, after a while, the confusion at the throttle as the brakes. In August this year, also occurred near the vehicle broke through the fence into the Malan River accident. Since then the car was suspended crane. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: