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Reference-and-Education In todays time of increasing Internet penetration and usage, becoming a web developer is a viable career option. A web developer is involved in the development of a website right from its design to its development to its proper functioning. For web developers working as freelancers or even in a company, the job is to closely work with the client to understand the exact requirements for the website regarding the layout of the site, the look and the feel, graphics, content etc. Thus, it is a wholesome approach towards the development of a site. To become a web developer, one has to acquire specialized training and skills. Thus, there are specific courses for web development that one can pursue. There are diploma courses such as web designing, graphic designing, web applications, computer systems and networks, internet writing, internet law, ethics and policy, and computer language courses that one can take up. Not all these courses are required to be done to start a career as a web developer. However, if one does more number of courses, the knowledge and expertise in this field increases. A web developer course prepares students for working in all areas of web development so that they are able to fulfill client requirements or work for large companies. The main job of a web developer includes designing, building and maintaining new websites. It is also the job of a web developer to upgrade the existing websites as per the clients needs. Since, all fields and industries require web representation these days, there is a huge scope for web developers. Their skills and services are in demand in all sectors. Whether, it is developing an online shopping website, a tutoring website, a company website, a networking website or a gaming one besides numerous different types of websites, there is a requirement for skilled web developers. The main developer will be involved in all stages of the development whereas the junior developers will be involved on a particular stage or phase. For successful completion, each phase requires understanding the client requirement first. This is done over elaborate briefing sessions where live examples are also used to understand what the client exactly wants. This is followed by building the framework for the site. The framework or architecture of the site includes putting together all the functionalities of the site to determine its workflow. Then, the website has to be smoothly integrated into the clients system if required or be hosted separately, as per the needs. The sites design and appearance is of the utmost importance. As per the functionality and the target audience of the website, the design of the website is frozen. Then, the site is tested to detect and fix any problems that may exist. This is the basic process to develop a website and as you would have noticed, each stage requires specialized skill sets. One needs to have basic knowledge and understanding og basic operating systems and servers, databases and web programming, networking and security, web graphics, animation and web design software. One can pursue various web language courses to become a web developer. There are many degree and diploma courses for web developers. The courses include training on all the aspects mentioned above. A comprehensive course will also cover training on multimedia design, web content management, and business information systems etc. One can go for further specialized courses too to gain expertise in one particular field. Since the technology in this field is ever-evolving, it is important to keep one updated on the latest trends and languages in this field. As per the client requirement and the nature of the website to be developed, one can work on any of the following web languages: Java, HTML, XML, XHTML, PHP, JavaScript, SQL etc besides many others. One can go for certificate courses in web development too. There are some e-learning courses available too. One has to select and take up the course as per personal choice and convenience. To become a successful web developer, one needs to have good technical skills, a good eye for design and excellent problem-solving skills, the ability to follow instructions and excellent people management skills. With such training and courses, one can make a good career as a web developer. Few useful links: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: