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"Code" ending eventually abandoned national interests with Renlong immersed in love – Sohu entertainment "code" of Renlong countries have very responsibility for     Sohu entertainment spy war drama "code" today day ending, the various forces, such as the Chinese Communist Party and Kuomintang, the Japanese invasion and ordinary people wrestle each other, making this the Republic of China China show as the epitome of the era, known as "Thousand Faces" on behalf of the actor Renlong, ordinary people, the small figure of national feelings and love to love the interpretation is very moving. Two faces the dilemma in the "patriotic love code", as the British concession Renlong police inspector Song Yuanqiao, and another detective played by Qiao Renliang and colleagues is Feng Jiusi rival, two people work a lot, although the same is the detective, but Feng Jiusi is the Communist Party of China’s undercover, with many secrets, although Yuanqiao song no complicated background of life, but still did not forget his Chinese identity, have a cavity patriotic blood, to sniff at the Japanese invaders, and to assist the investigation of Yuanqiao song et al, let people see the deep feelings of home, but in the face of the beloved, as Song Yuanqiao and Yan Lung shown in a face full of love, and the infinite tolerance, even after being abandoned after being hurt still smile in the face of love, and still hope to make friends, love is unsuccessful, abuse of the heart. People still seriously seriously each role Renlong it is reported that, in a corner as inspector Song Yuanqiao Ren long ago to do a lot of research work, including work in the inspector, the era of people’s living habits etc.. It is worth noting that Song Yuanqiao in the TV play scenes are not many, but through Renlong interpretation, let the audience see the ordinary workers a true to life, led the British, but still the heart of the motherland, love the face of heartache and sadness, are impressive. I want the audience to see is a full role, the small figure has its own insistence, let the audience see me play the role, have the impression, if you can evaluate the one or two sentence that is better!" Renlong humble smile.相关的主题文章: