China headquarters of international intelligence movement alliance will be settled in Jiangsu,

International intellectual movement alliance China headquarters will be located in Jiangsu Huaian original title: international intellectual movement alliance Chinese headquarters will be located in Jiangsu Huaian Huaian February 27th Xinhua sports news (reporter Wang Hengzhi) the international intellectual movement alliance and the State Sports General Administration of sports management center, chess Jiangsu Province Sports Bureau, Huaian Municipal People’s government in Jiangsu on 27 Huaian signed a memorandum of understanding according to the relevant planning, the international intellectual movement Union headquarters will be located in Jiangsu, Huaian, Huaian in the next three years and will continue to host the international intellectual movement alliance intelligence games. The 2016 international intelligence movement alliance intelligence movement elite tournament is now in Huaian, in the game space, the Quartet signed a memorandum, the future cooperation planning general framework. According to the memorandum, the Quartet will jointly establish the headquarters of the international intelligence movement alliance, China, which is responsible for the implementation of all projects, development and activities of the International Federation of intellectual mobility leagues in China, including the establishment and organization of subordinate offices, promotion, events and other activities. At the same time, the Quartet will share resources for market development, promotion, development of cooperative media and publicity work. The Quartet will also set up an International League for intellectual mobility in Huaian, which will be responsible for the development of training and education programs in China. Specific details will be explained when the formal agreement is signed in April. The memorandum also relates to the future hosting of the British intelligence contest. The preliminary plan is to discuss and determine the 2017-2019 international intelligence movement League intelligence sports elite tournament within 2 months, hoping to hold the three competition in Huaian in the second week of January every year. The Quartet also proposed that the common strategic vision will work closely together to promote the development of intellectual movement and to build Huaian into a "world intellectual movement city"". (Editor) editor in chief: Ni Zijian

国际智力运动联盟中国总部将落户江苏淮安   原标题:国际智力运动联盟中国总部将落户江苏淮安   新华社淮安2月27日体育专电 (记者王恒志)国际智力运动联盟和国家体育总局棋牌运动管理中心、江苏省体育局、淮安市人民政府27日在江苏淮安签署备忘录,根据相关规划,国际智力运动 联盟总部将落户江苏淮安,未来三年淮安或将继续承办国际智力运动联盟智力运动精英赛。   2016国际智力运动联盟智力运动精英赛目前正在淮安进行,在比赛间隙,四方签署备忘录,对未来的合作规划出大致框架。根据备忘录,四方将共同 设立国际智力运动联盟中国总部,负责执行国际智力运动联盟在中国的所有项目、发展和活动,包括设立和组织下属办公室、推广、赛事和其他活动。同时四方将共 享资源进行市场开发、推广、发展合作媒体以及宣传工作。   四方还将在淮安建立国际智力运动联盟学院,负责联盟在中国的培训和教育项目发展,具体详尽事宜将在4月签署正式协议时作出说明。   备忘录对智英赛的未来举办权也有涉及,初步计划是,在2个月以内讨论确定2017-2019国际智力运动联盟智力运动精英赛相关事宜,希望能在每年1月的第二周在淮安举办未来三届比赛。   四方还提出,将以共同的战略性视野紧密合作,共同促进智力运动的发展,把淮安建设成为“世界智力运动城市”。(完) 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: