Can Being In A funk Sabotage Your Weight Loss

Recently, I was chatting with a practice member who was frustrated with her weight loss efforts and disappointed in herself for being "stuck". As an outsider, I thought she was being way too hard on herself. She has lost a significant amount of weight; she has done so in a healthy way and she looks fabulous. We’re our own worst critic, though! She also commented that she felt like she was in a "funk" at this particular point in time. Just not as happy and balanced as she’d like to be. Seeing the glass as half-empty a little too often. Her comment got me thinking. I realized that I get into funks as well. I think we all do. I started thinking that a "funk-less" life is most likely a fake life! Meaning, if we’re cruising along at such a superficial level of life, not really experiencing ‘down’ times, are we REALLY experiencing life at its fullest? I don’t think so. Going through an overwhelming amount of pain and sadness with my mom’s breast cancer journey truly opened my eyes and heart to a richness and beauty in life that I was previously unaware of. Without "bad", how could we ever experience "good"? I think it’s a beautiful balance we’ve been given the opportunity to master. If we can embrace the funk, I think we’re better off. Sounds like a good t-shirt logo: "Embrace the Funk"! I started thinking about funks and how they relate to our bodies, our food choices and our weight. I recognize that I’ve had a current of underlying mental and emotional stress running through my life for the past few months. The biggest source of this stress has been my dad’s health challenges. I didn’t really realize how much it had been affecting me until having this "funk conversation" recently. Then I started realizing that, in the past few weeks, when his situation had become a bit more complicated, my food intake had begun to change. I was more frequently making choices that I wouldn’t normally make. For example, I don’t eat a lot of grain-based foods. I normally limit it to a serving or two per day. It doesn’t matter if it’s whole grain, organic or not. It has nothing to do with a "low carb diet", either. Many leading nutrition experts agree that grains are not an innate genetic requirement for health, and they directly contribute to our insulin response cycle. Therefore, I choose not to consume them in any great quantity. But, in recent weeks, I found myself consuming more grains as a "comfort". I was choosing more cereal, more bread, more cheese and crackers… with wine! Why is this? "I know better than that!" I’d tell myself! It all starts to make sense when you begin to understand the physiological stress response. Stress hormones, like cortisol, require 2 substrates (ingredients for production): Sugar and Fat. So, when you’re stressed out your body demands that you provide it with more sugar and/or fat so that it can make more stress hormones as a physiologically normal response to your stressed out feelings! See the vicious cycle here? My body was ‘craving’ the comfort of grainy food (and even the wine) because it’s all very quickly converted to sugar for the production of more stress hormones. This is why I say that many people are WAY too hard on themselves regarding their weight loss efforts. If you’re stressed out, consciously or subconsciously, your body is working overtime making stress hormones to handle the demands of stress. You’re not being "weak" because you can’t lose those last few pounds, or you’re stuck, or you’re craving certain foods. You’re stuck in this cycle! So, you need to break the cycle. The only way to interrupt the physiological stress response is by 1) adding pure and sufficient lifestyle choices, and 2) removing or reducing toxic and deficient lifestyle choices. Lifestyle choices can be summarized as the way we move, eat and think, as well as our external environment. For me, the easiest way to go about maintaining a healthy balance here is by adding tons of purity and sufficiency. That’s why I exercise so much and focus on adding a lot of fresh veggies and salads to our diets. Those are positive things I can add. It’s more of a challenge to focus on eliminating some of the "bad" things first. Start with adding the "good"! Once you’ve added ample purity and sufficiency to your life – in the way you move, eat and think – you’ll notice that you don’t turn so quickly to those fatty, sugary foods. Your body is more balanced because your life is more balanced! I focused on re-balancing the cause of my stress – my mental and emotional stress about my dad. I can’t remove the source of that stress, but I can change my response to it. Greater focus on my self-nurturing rituals, like prayer, journaling and meditation, have significantly helped to balance my emotional and mental health again and smooth out some of those stressful wrinkles. Without the "funk" I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to grow through this! It’s all good! About the Author: Dr. Colleen Trombley ("Dr Mom Online") is a leading expert in Natural Health & Wellness. Discover why the healthiest, busiest women turn to Dr. Mom for practical tips regarding healthy lifestyle, nutrition, fitness & exercise, diet & weight loss, raising healthy kids, effective stress management, and more. Request your FREE special report revealing Dr. Mom’s personal formula for success, "The Wellness Formula" at stress management and weight loss Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: