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Advertising How to best enjoy your next vacation in Fort Lauderdale? FREE Download. Are you planning a trip to the Fort Lauderdale area in the near future? If you live outside the state of Florida, it’s likely that you are excited to finally sink your toes in the sand of some real Gulf Coast beaches, and soak up the sun. Many tourists who visit Fort Lauderdale on vacation are so caught up in their trip preparations that they forget to think about transportation until the last minute. If you don’t want to be at the mercy of taxis and cabs for the entire trip, you have to find other means of getting around, which usually means renting a car. Unfortunately, car rentals can be extremely expensive, with high daily rates and extra charges if you use too much gasoline or travel too many miles. Why not try something different when it comes to traveling around Fort Lauderdale? Many people have discovered that motorbikes and other unique open air vehicles are the best way to enjoy the tropical environment of South Florida without breaking the bank. One vehicle that’s becoming increasingly popular for rentals is the BRP Spyder Roadster, a three-wheeler that represents a fascinating blend of both motorcycle and sports car. One of the biggest advantages of renting or buying a BRP Spyder Roadster over a car or truck in the Fort Lauderdale area is that youll be able to enjoy the open air experience of riding a motorcycle, with none of the scary instability that can sometimes be associated with those vehicles. Instead of asking your husband or wife to straddle a racing bike for the weekend, you’ll have the three wheeled stability and significant size of the Roadster to give you comfort, while still allowing the wind to blow your hair around a little. There are plenty of gorgeous sights and attractions that will be much more enjoyable if you see them from the saddle of a BRP Spyder Roadster, but here are a couple of options to get you started. If you love the tropical rain forest, you’ll just swoon when you visit Butterfly World in Fort Lauderdale. Park the Roadster outside, and spend some time walking through the aviary which is filled with thousands of caterpillars and multicolored butterflies. Next, you’ll want to motor on over to John U. Lloyd Beach State Park to enjoy the uncrowded beaches, breathtaking views, plentiful picnic spots, and sea-turtle nesting areas. No matter where you go, the Roadster will be able to carry the goodies you find along the way. If you are considering a new ride, a Can Am Spyder is worth looking at. Pass by RIVA Motorsports to easily consider all your options. RIVA Motorsports is located within minutes of Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Miami. There is also RIVA South in Key Largo and in the near future, RIVA Miami. So, come on by and see the best brands available on the market today, all under one roof. To get your FREE Download, visit ..CanAmSpyderFortLauderdale.. or give us a call at 877-230-7471. About the Author: Jose Azcarate, Video Business Builder, LLC. The .pany promotes powersports dealerships using video, article writing and social media marketing representing such brands as Yamaha, Sea-Doo, Honda, Suzuki, Can-Am and Kawasaki. RIVA Motorsports is a well established motorsports dealer serving South Florida since 1979. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: