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VOIP Immobility halts business productivity. Networked business phone systems that converge voice and data and take advantage of today’s integrated communication systems will usurp immobility and capture profitability. Business phone systems that are networked to converge voice and data across an enterprise are instrumental to an enterprise’s success. Mobile business phone systems create intraoffice and interoffice opportunities for productivity that would be non-existent in a business environment of immobility. Centralized and decentralized management systems profit from improved information exchanges, increased flexibility, company awareness, higher customer/client satisfaction, improved crisis management and increased sales opportunities. Business mobility is creating a new generation of business models. Business structures, organizational behavior, and system integrations must now adapt to mobile-commerce as they have to e-commerce. Mobile communication and the Internet have created a chemistry that simultaneously increases business potential and decreases business costs. Businesses must upgrade their business phone systems for the new generation of mobility or their profits will be stifled with the immobility of their business operations. B2B and B2C businesses will not gain recognition or acceptance unless they operate in the environment that their market has dictated. Today’s global, local, business and consumer markets are mobile. Wide area networks and local area networks are creating wireless businesses and cities. Nations connect wirelessly and communicate instantly. Telecommunication technology is on a steady road to improvement, and telecom strategies and engineering will be undergoing dramatic changes to meet society’s demand for instant communication and mobility. Business phone systems networked for mobility are prepared to do business in this era of mobile communications. When networked with Internet and VoIP technology on a wireless network, business telephone systems are also prepared to save costs on system improvements that religiously resurface with the availability of new applications and new technology. Company-wide and employee-specific changes to application availability can be made without undergoing the high-cost of equipment and wiring changes. Programming rather than expensive hardware changes easily upgrades wirelessly networked business phone systems. VoIP reduces operational costs by reducing business telephone expenses. Increased access to information, employees, suppliers and clients/customers increases the speed of productivity and the promise of profits. Mobility saves money and makes money. Enterprises that have developed and perfected their e-commerce strategies are preparing their mobile-commerce strategies. Business phone systems that are networked for mobility, Internet and VoIP can develop applications that enable a business to increase their market and sales strategies to include mobile sales opportunities. Voice, text and multimedia can be presented over networked business phone systems. Interviews and meetings can take place remotely with voice and video applications. Customers and clients can be reached at a time, in a place, and in the format preferable to them. Value-added services can be added with the aid of mobile business phone system integration. Knowledge management systems can provide retrieval services over a variety of platforms. Business operations can extend world-wide. Business phone systems of today’s generation conquer the immobility that the generations of the past had been relegated to. The enterprises of today must upgrade their business phone systems for mobility. Wireless access, VoIP, Internet applications, and of course cellular technology must be converged with traditional desktop phone systems to provide the multitude of platforms, applications, mobility and opportunities that the market demands. A business that wants to continually reach for success must continually operate in the environment of their market. The market is mobile. Enterprise-wide mobility will bring profitable success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: