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The bus special card fees by 6 yuan prepaid gas instead of custom original title: the province’s public utilities repaying violation charges nearly 150 million bus special card fees by 6 yuan prepaid customers by gas independently determine the September 27th news according to the unified deployment of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, Hunan province Industrial and Commercial Bureau from April this year in the province carried out within the limit of public enterprises competition and monopoly special law enforcement. September 27th, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau held a special briefing, informed the special rectification of the previous stage. It is understood that the Changsha transportation group and Changsha Xinao Gas Company Limited "and" anti monopoly control requirements of the "anti unfair competition law, since September 2016, each bus card shaped down 6 yuan, and the integration of IC card function, strive to build the city traffic card". Changsha Xinao Gas Company Limited has been revised to "industrial and commercial gas supply agreement", will be replaced by prepaid gas costs 180 million yuan in advance customers independently determine gas fee and charge accumulated over the years the business users gradually repaying the 130 million yuan, the remaining 5000 are actively docking, verification, as soon as possible and strive to return. According to the director of the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau Li Jindong introduced the province investigation limit of public enterprises competition and monopoly cases 79, worth 31 million 772 thousand and 200 yuan; 32 of the cases, the amount of 2 million 125 thousand and 200 yuan confiscated; ordered the relevant enterprises to take the initiative to refund the fees of nearly 150 million yuan. (Sanxiang reporter correspondent Zhu Rong Xu Ying) video recommendation: just this step, mobile phone can give the bus card recharge相关的主题文章: