Burn hundreds of billions, star wardrobe in great trouble…… boee

Burn hundreds of billions, star wardrobe in great trouble…… Recently, the state power grid has received a star wardrobe arrears payment and businesses delayed wages and broke the news broke the news, by many, the electricity supplier practitioner communication research, billion state power network discovery, in the cold winter of the capital, between the star wardrobe with employees, suppliers of this tug of war seems to be in suspense, in the short term at all no solution. Individual sellers generally did not return the deposit early in May this year, a former business in the star wardrobe on personal businesses had to disclose billion state power network, many settled star wardrobe domestic businesses in May 2016 have not received cash payments in March. At that time, the star wardrobe founder Lin Qinghua said that because of the quality of the individual sellers of the product quality problems often appear, star wardrobe to get the price to get the traffic has been a bad reputation of individual sellers wasted. For the protection of the development of the company to consider, at the beginning of this year, the abolition of the star wardrobe related business individual sellers. "We are dealing with the problem of money, not outside these individual sellers say so serious." When Lin Qinghua for clarification billion state power network. According billion state power network understanding, after, indeed the majority of individual sellers have access to settle, but did not return the most personal star wardrobe sellers margin. A personal seller, said: each individual seller to pay a deposit of about 1000 yuan." Individual sellers exchange brand merchants have been owed money for four months but the wave is not flat, a wave of. In recent years, many brands also broke the news from the beginning of April this year, 3, has not received the payment of the star wardrobe. One brand said, we started around August to stop supply, has given it a lot of opportunities, but from the beginning of March 10th we have not received any payment." These brands broke, many businesses have begun to stop the flow into the star wardrobe supply businesses it is understood that in August 28th this year, the star wardrobe brand director Di Na has to reply: "agreement will lead the business side has been completed, starting next week lead investor with the cast and the partial funds will be credited into account we can also check-out businesses gradually settled." However, a week passed quickly, after the Mid Autumn Festival, the star wardrobe conventions still unfulfilled. Many businesses said that this is expected. "A similar conversation has been done many times." Employee wages delayed social security pay off is more serious is that an employee to disclose billion state power network, not only in business ", the star wardrobe also delayed the employee’s wages, and there is no explanation, and inform the employees do not send the related information on tenderness. Because of financial constraints, employees have not received wages for 3 months, did not pay social security for five or six months." Recently, the media have also reported that the star wardrobe staff said the star wardrobe probably from May onwards began to default on wages, before the hair is 25 monthly wages. Just began to drag back for ten days, one is a month, month, June or September has just issued wages. After leaving now, July and August have not received wages, provident fund and social security is currently no casualties, in July and August did not pay social security, provident fund is from March to June.相关的主题文章: