Brand property allows you to buy the rest assured 95-151 Ping house discount 60 thousand

Real estate brands allows you to buy the rest assured 95-151 villa 60 thousand preferential Beijing technology · ideal Bay (real estate information) 40 thousand to 100 thousand real estate Tencent news Hongkun · ideal Bay is located in the Beijing Shijiazhuang High-speed Rail 300 meters west of Zhuozhou East station. I have a "private hospital", September 25, 2016, will be held "the success of new medicine ·" · Hongkun benefit of community health care clinics; listing ceremony. In August 7, 2016, hung Kun Bay 16 – the ideal villa classic full apartment layout, rare Pierre, is popular in foreign sales, South transparent, layout founder, high utilization rate, apartment layout interval 95-151 square meters, the average transaction price of 13000 yuan square meters, electricity supplier concessions: 40 thousand to 100 thousand, 3% off, 5% off, a loan contract within 1% off; the coexistence of both commercial and residential, buildings and gardens, the property service professional, landscape design and arrangement of a novel, apartment layout reasonable, adequate parking spaces. Tencent Beijing big Beijing real estate buyers, real estate hot topics discussed. Tencent Beijing purchase 3 group 128868262 · Hongkun ideal bay view details; the average price of 9900 yuan square meters of real estate developers low price brand Gallery | the latest 400-819-1111 611026 technology – the ideal Bay project is another masterpiece of Beijing Hongkun estate in 2013 to force the capital economic circle. After painstaking build Beijing 2 million square metres of high quality city life settlements "- the ideal city, hung Kun" in Beijing Zhuo metro rail southwest of Beijing, to create the ideal life – – chief harbor hung Kun ideal bay. Hongkun · ideal Bay as hung Kun group in Zhuozhou for the mountains, four years has created nearly 7500 owners, favored by the majority of owners, become Beijing white-collar elite preferred. In the ideal Bay, you buy is not just a house, but the cultural life of the platform, the ideal Bay project to build community service platform, provide a platform for the majority of owners, for the owners to provide better quality of life in community. "" "" "click to view the comments · hung Kun ideal Bay; the above information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. Shijingshan Purple Royal · Changan; platinum Yue habitat (real estate information) area of 50-70 square meters of real estate news network royal purple Changan · platinum Wyatt residence is located in the subway octagonal amusement park station 300 meters south. Purple Royal Changan · platinum Wyatt residence project in September 17, 2016, the first phase of the opening, a total of 57, an area of 50-70 square meters, the total price of 3 million 800 thousand sets. Tencent Beijing Shijingshan real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 117335324 royal purple Changan · platinum liberte to see the details of the lowest price of 3 million 800 thousand yuan set of ecological livable real estate Gallery | the latest 400-819-1111 804972 community a total of 19 buildings in the first opening about 1000 sets, the entire community of 2 main road. The interior of the community is divided into underground storage.相关的主题文章: