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Tom Has Walked Out Of The BB House He came, he saw and then he took his top off a lot and now Tom has be.e the second new Big Brother housemate to walk out of the house in less then a week. The muscley toff left the house in the early hours of this morning, telling fellow housemates that he didnt want to be "part of a circus". Oops, too late Tom, sorry! "It’s not challenging, I just find it boring," he told Rodrigo. He also told Marcus: "Everyone’s in here for massively the wrong reasons. I was never here to be some f***ing famous dude." So why did he go in the house then?! In the end, Tom went into the diary room to tell BB he didnt want to stay in the house he was then made to pack his own bags, and after a brief goodbye to fellow housemates he walked out saying he just wanted to go to a friend’s stag do. Weird. So what do you think of Toms departure – why did he really choose to leave, and will you miss him? Is Noirins Ex-Boyfriend Really Going In The Big Brother House?? In the whole history of Big Brother never has one housemate made so many fellow housemates fall head over heels in love with them until Noirin came along. First there was sweet and innocent Sree who followed her around like a lovesick puppy but no sooner had he gone then Angel stepped up and proclaimed her lady love for Noirin after the pair shared a steamy kiss. Then there was Marcus and we all know what happened there, next the surprising snog with Siavash and the confession that she actually fancies Tom who claimed to like her as well before making a swift departure from the house. Are you still following? No dont worry we got lost as well but here .es the important part so listen carefully. Theres a rumour going round that the lady everybody loves to erm, love is going to get the shock of her life when her ex-boyfriend Issac Stout, who is now rumoured to be gay, enters the house in the next few days, eeeeeek!!! Meanwhile in other BB news earlier on today Noirin spoke to Halfwit about her feelings for Siavash and she admitted, I don’t know what to do. I like him and I like being around him and I fancy him, but I don’t think I want any more than that. Yeah because if you like someone, like being around them and fancy them then wanting more would just be crazy right?! BB Contestant Sree Rushed To Hospital After Slashing His Wrists… In the early hours of Friday morning former Big Brother housemate Sree slashed his wrists in a desperate cry for help. Apparently, the reality TV star was upset after watching the Channel 4 show and a friend found him in his room at the University of Hertfordshire. He was then rushed to hospital where they treated him for cuts and lacerations before discharging him later that same day. Despite this he still managed to appear on Big Brothers Big Mouth on Friday night and a spokesperson for the show said: Housemates’ welfare is of paramount importance. There is a well-established and extensive after-care system in place for all housemates. Sree continues to be given ongoing support by the production team and regular access to the show’s psychologist. Noirin & Marcus Have Made Up… The Big Brother house breathed a sigh of relief today when former bessie mates Noirin and Marcus put their differences aside and buried the hatchet. The Irish beauty apologised for hurting Marcus feelings by kissing Siavash to which he replied: I think if you were on the outside you wouldn’t get a look in. You’re an idiot Noirin. I should hate you but I don’t. The pair then exchanged hugs and Marcus added, I wish you fancied me. It’s amazing how much you listen to people just because you fancy them. Oh for the love of God man just let it go!! Anyway, little do they know that they are both up for eviction this week so their rekindled friendship wont actually last very long. Noirin is currently the hot favourite to get the boot but theres not much in it so anything could change between now and Friday. 相关的主题文章: