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Travel-and-Leisure Dehradun is a destination located in the beautiful state of Uttaranchal. Dating back to 250 BC, Dehradun has be.e a popular tourist attraction among those who have an interest in nature and its calmness. The place also features a fascinating park that takes away the breath of one and all. There are 14 edicts engraved on a rock and the location where three horses were forfeited by Raja Shilvarma of the Vrisheri dynasty. Huge bricks with cravings on them have been placed in the form of a gigantic bird featuring an altar of fire in the center. In the prehistoric Vedic times, the Garhwal Mandal, of which Dehradun is a small part, was identified with the same of Kedar Khand. It is said that Guru Dronacharaya who was a Brahmin teacher of conflict, establish Dehradun as a location best for practicing meditation and to worship. Thus, the valley of Doon was baptized Drona Ashram, which literally means "The Abode of Drona". Possibly this is the reason why Indian army grooms its best cadets in the Indian Millitary Academy which is located in this region of the state. Dehradun has always been a destination known for its great range of educational institutes. Its closeness to the bustling cities such as Gurgoan has again enriched its popularity and lures travelers into booking Gurgoan to Dehradun cab to relish a slice of this gorgeous destination. How to Reach Dehradun How to reach by air- Many travelers prefer visiting Dehradun by air. The closest airport from Dehradun is the famous Jolly Grant located about 25 km away. The airport a good number of national and international flights making the air travel an easy option for those having less time. How to reach by Rail – Dehradun is a main railhead located on the Northern Railway line greeting direct trains from almost all the major urban cities of India and some popular tourist spots located in the state of Uttaranchal. The Shatabdi Express is the most renowned option for the travelers hopping here from Delhi. The other great alternative is the Mussorie Express that takes you along the most beautiful sightseeing making you feel delighted. Apart from this, Dehradun-Mumbai Express also links this g.eous destination to Mumbai. How to Visit By Road – Dehradun enjoys marvelous connectivity to all the cities especially Gurgoan. Most of the travelers prefer booking their own cab from Gurgoan to Dehradun to enjoy a relaxed and hassle free journey. Gurgoan to Dehradun cab service takes you to the land where even the air arouses the feeling of freshness and nature. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: