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Living-Will Each ing d it i bming more bviu tht thr i mthing wrng with th world. All the tim mwhr in th world thr i wr, fmin nd vrt. Cuntri r going bnkrut. Th limt i hnging nd xtrm wthr conditions are becoming nrml. And t nbd does anything but it. If thi i the case, then you can"t ffrd nt t b rrd whn th worst hn? Lik mn people u have lrd thought f wht might happen if disaster trik. Pl might b aware of the dangers and risks, but till th mjrit does nt rr fr thm. Why i that? Wll, th nwr is pretty iml. Mt f u are frid that if somebody find out tht w r preparing fr a ditr we wuld be lbld wird. Thi i nugh t discourage m people. We r "il niml" and most f us rll r wht other l think. Hwvr, u huld nt act rkll n mttr what the nighbr think. Yur lif nd th lives f ur drt r t tk. If u are nibl nugh to knw tht u huld b rrd, than u huld nt hitt nd you huld trt building ur mrgn rrdn supplies . If you think but it, nbd h t knw about ur urvivl kit. Actually, it i better if nobody knw. Crfull dvi n ditr rrdn food supplies . Think of ll ibl disaster nri that might hn whr u liv. Then mk a list f vrthing you might nd in rdr t create a utinbl mrgn rrdn uli kit. Strt buying fd rdut with lng shelf life. Firt on ur lit should b fd items that last th longest lik grains, rice, beans, flur nd diffrnt types f t. Thn move n t th nnd rdut. Cnnd tuna, meat nd vegetables n lt up to ten r. D nt frgt lt, ugr, wdrd milk, ff, tea nd i nd also different il. Honey is a mut in it i inrdibl nutritious nd can lt frvr. You huld hv in mind tht mrgn fd does nt have nugh vitamins and minrl, so u huld plan n including m nuts nd drid fruit in the trg. Gt m vitamin ulmnt too. Al, think f th bt way to tr wtr. Stockpiling bottled wtr is tbl, but hving a big wtr tnk installed might b a bttr id. Hwvr you should not only nntrt nfd and ditr ln book. Yu will rtinl nd mthing to trt a fire with. Yu huld nt frgt a can opener. Knif, rope, wing kit, duct tape, soap nd ndl r rbbl mthing u would lik t hv. However, if u think tht all f th above will cost u a frtun, you huld nt be worried. Yu actually nd m rful planing and tim. Gd rgniztin will hl too. But in the end you will hv e dnt fd trg that will give you n dg vr 90% of th ultin. Yu will be prepared and u fmil will be safe. And it is lw bttr to b f thn rr. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: