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Bailei Tangqiao Lu Jun lost to Hebei team go town chess match – sports enthusiasm of Sohu in September 10th, 2016 "gold cup" Chinese chess League twelfth round match in the home court loudly. Shandong Jingzhi wine team Bailei Jiangsu Tangqiao against Hebei new Olympic team. The final two teams of 2 to 2, but the Shandong team will defeat, only a point. In addition to the outcome of Weijia, Tangqiao staged the grain chessboard event. This round of competition sponsored by the Tang Town People’s government, named "Jintang town". For the Lord is the two world champion of the contest, but also the focus of attention by the Shandong team chess, Zhou Ruiyang white against other South Korean foreign aid Jiang Dongrun. In the opening of China mini black, white with Erlianxing shot. The side of the black and white situation can not maintain a few hands, two people from the upper right corner of the way to war began tit for tat, the lower left. The two sides to each other, has been in close combat, be the most changeful. Before China chess Dean Hua Yigang later said: "speaking of chess is not rich in Tangqiao eel? How do these two here playing chess with eel flexible ah!" The Bureau of the two people at parties, do not follow the routine play, often with virtual staggered move, let the other side not easily shot, but just also plays an important role in the piece, a step can decisively into the dustbin, let the fans follow a brainstorming. Before the game, two people in South Korea’s Samsung Cup smooth cut 16, come to tangqiao. In the cities of the arena, eventually lost to Jiang Dongrun lamb. Return to the same flight and Jingzhi world champion Fan Tingyu and Hebei new summer Chenkun, the two men met again in the third cities. A small van zhihei road is smooth, some dangerous situation to the second half. But the nickname "Little Buddha" Fan Tingyu still hold, entanglement to 5 in the afternoon, Fan Tingyu eventually win. In a game, the Lu Army General Jiang Weijie zhihei to 3/4 wins, thanks. Xie Ke in the 00 chess player is best, especially active, aggressive style of chess. Xiaojiang is a enjoy fighting chess player, the two men killed, absolutely fun. The first half, the black and white advantage of the initiative, to sacrifice to break out of the situation instantaneous chaos. The black white himself strong kill the dragon, but ended in failure, black won. But in the fast war, young Ding Shixiong lost the white Jingzhi Ding Hao, both 2 to 2 tie, but Shandong team will defeat a stroke above Hebei. In Tangqiao Jintang Bridge is surrounding the tenth part of the chess culture festival. The Cultural Festival 13 chess activities took turns, Qimi chance with Chinese chess Dean Hua Yigang nine, Shandong coach Cao Dayuan nine, Shandong team players such as national champion Chen Yingchu beauty. But the old China and Chen Ying partner of chess, is to let the fans. Every activity All seats are occupied. many families who participate in, see Tangqiao people love to go to know here is really "go home"!相关的主题文章: