As Our Weather Cools Outside, Pests Move To A Warmer Climate Inside Your

Home-and-Family Fall is officially here, and the cooler temperatures have arrived, Ive even noticed an occasional jacket being worn in the mornings as I drive around our valley through Phoenix, Glendale and Scottsdale areas. But I have also noticed, that just like clockwork, this is the time of year that the flavor of our phone calls changes from one of Ive got ants in the yard, to help, there are bugs all over inside my house or building. Thats right every year its the same thing, as we tell our customers, the bugs are looking for a nice warm place to vacation for the winter time, just like our out of state friends the SNOW BIRDS that .e to Arizona to visit in the winter, not that Im insinuating they are pests, although upon talking to a couple of the wives, they say their frisky husbands are the biggest pests of all!!! Ha ha. So what can you do, well Im kind of biased, being the owner of the .pany, but I think the best thing you can do is CALL Invader Pest Management at 623-435-0228 this is a simple approach to your bugs, rodents, pigeons, crickets and scorpions trying to move inside this winter. However, if you can take a little time and make sure that any debris around the house is picked up, such as piles of leaves and branches, move bricks away from the structures, make sure firewood is not stacked closely to the house, and certainly dont bring your firewood inside until you are ready to use it. Remember, bugs, rodents and most general pests like it under stuff, inside tight cracks and crevices, so clean up your storage, properly .anize stored items in and outside, trim you bushes, shrubs and trees away from your structure, and move firewood, piles of bricks or large rocks away from the home and there will be less places for them to live. If you just got to have it store it as far away from the structure as possible is my best advice going into our cooler season. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: