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Traffic police forces Fuzhou night rescue landslide buried villagers have no signs of life in the new network for traffic police forces rescue officers and soldiers in Fuzhou County of Minhou City, clearing landslides and landslide. Fang Cheng photo Beijing, Fuzhou, September 16, (Tang Yuwei Lu Lihuan Fang Cheng) the fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" in 15, 3 strong landing in Fujian, and caused heavy rainfall along the way. 15, 13 PM, Fuzhou City, Minhou County Ping Ting about 10 roads in rural areas were more than the size of the landslide, the Ting Ping Xiang Xi Keng Cun 1 villagers and several houses were buried in the landslide. Traffic police forces command center the first time that the report of the disaster, the command in Fujian traffic police detachment of a brigade of eight commando 30 soldiers, at 13:30 to carry life detectors, UAV, excavators, loaders and other large equipment emergency rushed to the spot. According to the traffic police commander eight brigade deputy commander Wang Xuanwen introduction, after the disaster, the rapid arrival of the scene investigation group of soldiers decisive disposal, timely organize the safe transfer of the masses, set the danger warning area. Second echelon officers and men with large mechanical cleaning, while driving, at the evening of 15 to reach the scene of the accident at 21. After listening to the local Party committee and government of the exploration is introduced and the scene of the disaster, and decided to take on the collapse of excavator by layer cleaning, in collaboration, artificial fixed-point mechanical excavation, search for buried personnel. After the officers and men fighting on the night of 16, at 0, 5 points to search for buried villagers, but no signs of life. As of 16 May 10, traffic police forces rescue officers and men were reopened "Meranti" typhoon blocking damaged roads more than and 90 km, clearing landslides and landslide size more than and 100, excluding the danger point more than 80, the cumulative volume of more than 12000 square. Rescue continues. (end)相关的主题文章: