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Fashion-Style The answer to this question can be quite ambiguous for most people. Many are of the opinion that online shopping has made us truly lazy. And, others beg to disagree. This is one argument that proponents of either side would not win easily. Instead of wasting your energies on debating whether shopping on the Internet is making us lazy, why not buy a pair of good sports shoes from brands such as Adidas online and go exercising? That would be the best way to silence the naysayers. Most importantly, you will remain healthy and happy as you jog, walk, tread or just stretch your body in a pair of designer Nike, Reebok, Liberty or Adidas shoes. But, moms and grandmoms don"t give up that easily. They would continue to associate online shopping with sitting on chair, glued to the .puter and whiling away time. They would murmur and grumble about the good old days when people were active and stepped out of the house to shop. Be cheeky! Remind them that you can online shopping via your mobile also. That means when you are travelling or getting bored at an official gathering, you whip out your mobile and view shoes online. Thus, technically, you are outside the home when online shopping or browsing for shoes. Ok! Better way is to cool down ruffled feathers. Tell them that you are getting discounts on gorgeous brands along the likes of Puma, Alcott and Adidas shoes. Don"t give excuses, and stop defending online shopping. It’s going to make you lazy; you can hear your ma or your grandma intone with exasperation! You will also be exasperated by the never-ending litanies! Exercise is necessary but you will miss the thrill of going out for shopping. Your body will benefit from moving around as you gossip with friends and the excitement of trying on a gleaming pair of DKNY or Adidas shoes off the rack is an unparalleled experience! Well, go ahead and defend online shopping! Thrill of what, can be your question? Getting stuck in traffic jams? Dude, you"re definitely stuck to the seat of your vehicle! Or asking ignorant sales person to help look for Adidas walking shoes that don"t hurt the knee? Better to use the Inter. for in-depth knowledge on gaits and shoe arch. Or criss-crossing markets to look at branded footwear varieties? Your body may not be stationary but mental exhaustion levels will have you heading directly for a high-calorie snack that even regular exercising in Adidas shoes will not help. In the end, you will need to grin and bear the tirade whenever you go online shopping. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: