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Pets One of my dogs, Beau, has a terrible fear of thunderstorms and fireworks. I dont know why hes scared of them. He wasnt scared when he was a puppy and my other dogs arent afraid. But, as hes gotten older hes become more and more spooked by loud noises associated with storms and fireworks. One loud BOOM and he comes running to me and wants to climb up in my lap. You should probably know that Beau weighs almost 100 pounds, so when he tries to get in your lap, you know it! I feel so sorry for him. Weve tried different things to help Beau including flower essences such as rescue remedy. When we give Beau a few drops of one of the flower essences hes able to calm down and relax enough to get through his fear until the storm passes or the fireworks are over. Sometimes hell relax enough to take a nap. You may have heard of flower essences you may have even used one for yourself or your dog but most people dont really know what they are or how they work theyre just happy because for many, they work. What are flower essences? Flower essences are the diluted essences of various types of flowers and plants. Theyre often used in homeopathy and are a little similar to herbal remedies but there are some major differences. When were flower essences invented? Dr. Edward Bach, a famed British physician, first developed flower essences in the 1930s. He gave his name to his 38 Bach Flower Remedies. How do flower essences work? Dr. Bach believed that illness of the mind and body was the result of imbalances in the spirit. Flower essences work holistically to heal and repair these imbalances. Flowers are gathered at the right time, immersed in water and exposed to sunlight or moonlight in order to infuse the water with their essence. Then the water is added to a substance such as glycerin so it can be bottled. Dr. Bach identified flower essences to calm anger, ease anxiety (and fears, such as thunderstorm phobias), and give confidence, among other things. Today there are many more than the original 38 flower essences thanks to other people who have continued Dr. Bachs research. Should you give flower essences to your dog? By all means, yes. Animals seem to respond just as well to the effects of flower essences as people do. They have many of the same kinds of emotional imbalances as people anger, anxiety, fear and can benefit just as much from the use of flower essences. There are no side effects from using flower essences. There are no actual plant extracts or materials in a flower essence remedy so there is nothing to ingest that would interfere with other medication or cause you harm. If you take the wrong flower essence you wont see any effects at all. When you or your pet take the correct flower essence you will see a subtle, gentle improvement in your condition. Flower essences work holistically. They bring healing to the spirit so your body and mind can heal and they do the same for your pets. How do you use flower essences? Flower essences are very easy to use. You can give them to your pet with a dropper or by spraying them. You can put several drops (it doesnt take many) in your pets mouth or put a few drops on a treat or in your pets food or water. You can also spray it on your pets paws where he will lick it off, or put a couple of drops on your finger and apply it to his gums or inside his ears, where it will be easily absorbed. Which flower essences should I use for my dog? Choosing the right flower essence depends on your dogs problem. Is he anxious? Is he fearful because of things that have happened in the past? Is he in shock? There are many good flower essences for treating different kinds of fear and anxiety as well as the general purpose rescue remedy. Rescue remedy has helped many dogs overcome fear and anxiety. However, when you can blend flower essences with herbal extracts, youll achieve a synergy making the combination stronger. One such example is Sleepytime Tonic . Sleepytime Tonic Sleepytime Tonic is a Bach Flower-based remedy but it also contains an herbal formulation created by Robert McDowell, the worlds leading authority on applying Western herbal medicines to canine health problems. The formulation in Sleepytime Tonic combines herbs and homeopathic medicine so that the metabolic and nervous system imbalances are all addressed together. The flower essences and the herbal mix work together synergistically to help your dogs anxiety. According to McDowell, The herbal mixes are not toxic in any way, are free from side effects and are simple and safe to administer at home. And, Sleepytime Tonic works in just 20 minutes to calm your dog. Its a wonderful herbal elixir for dogs who have problems with travel or who are anxious about trips to the vet or fireworks and thunderstorms. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: