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Hongkong more than 80 community initiated anti violence signature – Sohu news according to Xinhua News Agency Hongkong (reporter Zhang Jing) Hongkong Democratic Alliance (DAB) with more than 80 other clubs in Hong Kong in February 16th launched a signature campaign against violence in Hong Kong, in Mong Kok riots called punish rioters, guardian of Hongkong, not to say "violence". The same day, the launching ceremony held in central Pedder street, DAB, Federation of industry and commerce, Federation of Fujian associations, Hongkong Youth Federation and many other groups to show the words "behind the police according to law, banners and slogans of violent chaos in Hong Kong Heaven and earth will not tolerate" and other words, urged the public to participate in the signature action. DAB chairman Li Huiqiong stressed in his speech, "we will never appeal to violence thought reasonable, rational communication, protect the core values of Hongkong." Lin Jianfeng, a member of the Legislative Council of the Hongkong economic and livelihood alliance, said that the Hongkong police have always been dedicated to serving the public and maintaining social order. Their normal duties were subjected to violent attacks, and we would never accept them. I hope you will take part in the signature action to express our hope that Hongkong will continue to prosper and stabilize. DAB legislators Tam said, public participation in the signature is rational, we want to tell these thugs, people do not accept violence, we strongly condemn the doings of their. I hope everyone will go all out to unite and protect the rule of law in Hongkong. Signature action begins at 1 p.m.. Reporters at the scene, a short period of time, many people came to participate in the signing of the street will be surrounded by Jie Jie crowded. She Jibiao, President of Hongkong small and Medium Enterprises Federation, said in an interview with reporters that social stability in Hongkong is the basic prerequisite for the development of smes. The economic situation is not good at present, retail, tourism in Hongkong are poor, many small and medium-sized enterprises directly affected, if Hongkong continues to mess down, don’t know what will happen in the future. It is understood that after the ceremony, the group will continue to display the 18 districts signature station, hoping to gather all the love in Hong Kong on the expression of positive energy, Mong Kok riot condemned. Mong Kok riot occurred in the late morning of February 8th to 9, causing more than 130 people injured, of whom more than 90 were police officers. It is understood that the police have arrested 65 people so far.

香港八十多个社团发起反暴力大签名-搜狐新闻  据新华社香港电 (记者张晶)香港民主建港协进联盟(民建联)连同其他80余个社团2月16日在港发起全港反暴力大签名行动,针对旺角暴乱事件呼吁严惩暴徒,守护香港,向暴力说“不”。   当天,启动仪式在中环毕打街举行,民建联、工商联、福建社团联会、香港青年联会等多个团体展示写有“力挺警方依法保法,暴力乱港天理不容”等字样的横幅及标语,呼吁市民参与签名行动。   民建联主席李慧琼在致辞时强调,“我们绝不能将暴力思想合理化,要呼吁理性沟通,守护香港的核心价值。”   香港经济民生联盟(经民联)立法会议员林健锋说,香港警察一直尽心为市民服务,维护社会秩序。他们的正常职务行为却遭到暴力袭击,我们对此绝不接受。希望大家踊跃参加签名行动,共同表达我们希望香港继续繁荣稳定的声音。   民建联立法会议员谭耀宗说,市民参与签名是理性的表现,我们要告诉这些暴徒,市民不接受暴力行为,我们强烈谴责他们的所作所为。希望大家全力以赴,团结起来,共同守护香港的法治。   签名行动从下午1时许开始。记者在现场见到,短时间内就有不少人前来参与,将毕打街的签名站围得水泄不通。   香港中小型企业联合会创会会长佘继标在接受记者采访时表示,香港社会稳定是中小企业发展的基本前提。目前经济形势不好,香港的零售、旅游业表现都不佳,很多中小企业受到直接影响,如果香港还继续乱下去,不知道企业未来会怎样。   据了解,启动仪式后,这些团体会继续在全港18区摆设签名站,希望凝聚所有爱港市民的正能量,表达对旺角暴乱事件的谴责。   旺角暴乱在2月8日晚至9日凌晨发生,导致超过130人受伤,当中超过90人是警务人员。据了解,警方至今就事件已拘捕65人。相关的主题文章: