Anshan luxury car car show multiple car debut eyepopping (video)

Anshan luxury car car show multiple car debut stunning luxury car what are the clouds excavator car is King yesterday morning 9 am, a car company in Tiedong factory hospital, held a wedding car show. News related to underwriting risk of luxury car was forced to "naked" mentioned in the car, people can not help but think of the luxury car "vulnerable", "maintenance fees really make people stare". According to the city’s import luxury car repair factory staff said that some of the top luxury car parts are imported from abroad, and even some accessories are handmade, expensive. Some luxury car owners, the accident is their own money to repair." The staff said, can not buy insurance, luxury car can only be naked". For luxury car insurance, an insurance company’s manager said, do not answer." Although with the increase in the price of the car, the higher the premium, they are the highest insurance company car insurance about about 100000 yuan, but if the car damage, repair costs are much higher than the $100 thousand. The value of 2 million sports car, if bumper damage, repair costs nearly $100 thousand." In the face of such risks, the insurance for luxury cars can only hand". For millions of cars insurance companies BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Porsche and other more will cover, Maybach, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini and other top luxury car insurance is relatively difficult, at present only a small number of large insurance companies willing to underwriting, and approved by the company submitted to underwriting. In the face of "vulnerable" luxury car "ordinary people" need to double protection accidentally "kiss up", frequently ruinous price maintenance, it does make a lot of ordinary private car owners "frightened". In the face of injury can not afford the luxury car, we really should do a good job of self-protection, and there are at least two ways to protect. First, and most important, of course, to comply with laws and regulations, civilized driving. Even if an oncoming is gold to create a luxury car, if it had full responsibility and worry about what? Second, there are reports that before we buy insurance generally is 100 thousand or 200 thousand, now a lot of people added to the 500 thousand yuan, and pay more attention to the "non deductible insurance". This is a way to get the kiss to spend 188 thousand of the accord owners, if spend hundreds of dollars to buy three 500 thousand insurance and non deductible insurance, not because of a scratch lost a accord. But another point of view, some people buy a car like we buy a bike, some people worked hard for a lifetime can not afford to lose a tire of others. Even if the traffic police to deal with traffic accidents fairly fair, this kind of event behind the deep-seated injustice may also harm the harmony of society. This requires specific initiatives on the luxury car to be insured for the ordinary people to provide more adequate protection. Luxury car is a car, but not just a car, from the tens of millions of value, it is more like a luxury". In this regard, we should establish and improve the management of luxury goods and insurance regulations. When the car license obtained the right of way, can be forced to purchase a no fault liability insurance for luxury goods, once the accident by the insurance company to claim. On the one hand, people can afford to buy luxury cars do not care about.相关的主题文章: