Analysis on anti overheating British cup Blues – Sohu cut overtime ca1835

Analysis on anti overheating: British cup Blues – Sohu: overtime promotion AB cup West Ham VS Chelsea game time: 2016 22:45 10.27 Thursday asian handicap: 1.04 West Ham -0.5 Chelsea 0.78 index: 3.70 3.62 1.75 European Prospective events: Thursday morning British Cup tournament fourth lap play West Ham last season or the Premier League Citylink, dark horse, but only for a season after that, they went from heaven into hell. Since moved into the London Bowl Stadium, the team performance has been unsatisfactory, Europa League league played out early, and do not know the so-called, only in a recent game team to defeat the Crystal Palace and Sang Delan, ranking gradually away from the relegation zone. The war in the face of three winning streak Chelsea, ax to help the home pressure. Last week the League played a recent representative of the war, they in the Standford bridge at the 4 to 0 bloodbath Manchester United, the impact of the opponent defense team after 1 minutes all a hideous mess, to score, then the team on offense, the team recently won the three league wins, seems to be out of the Conti class hearsay puzzle, fought in the British tonight the cup, the team expects to have a good play. For analysis of the ball handicap: Asian index to the blues line, away let wheel 0.5, low water position may not stand, with the League victory over Manchester United last week, the market is highly touted by the spot, perhaps pulled up to 0.75 handicap, British cup are overtime, beware of blue JunTi can appear problem, this game a pay attention to the eye, the axe gang legal time unbeaten. SMG recommended: 1 disc recommended: West Ham (+0.5)相关的主题文章: