All 90 wore collared Lotto 7 million 770 thousand was a code – Map

All 90 wore collared Lotto 7 million 770 thousand was a code – 90 guy mask award was still a code of August 22nd, Super Lotto 16098th national prize out 4 note, the 1 note whispering Inner Mongolia City Sports Lottery Erdos No. 66375th outlets. Mother lighting award winner in August 24th morning, 90 Andy, to receive his fortune in mother’s company, winning the lottery is a 7+3 multiple betting tickets, in addition to the current 1 note first prize, Andy also have two prize four prize 2 note, third-prize 10 note, 30 note, five prize 20 note, bonuses totaling 7 million 774 thousand yuan. "He told me that when the winning message, I did not believe that he did not see how to buy lottery tickets," Andy’s mother smiled and told us: "when he took the winning ticket to me, I believed!" Only three times on the first prize winning lottery each have their lucky story, Andy’s winning experience is lucky burst table. "This is the third time I bought a lottery," Andy’s words with pride: "I did not expect, bought three times won the first prize, lucky came suddenly." Friends to award winning day, Andy and her friends meet, meet in place is the lottery station opposite, because a friend is late, Andy just before this time to buy big lottery. They date to the friend, Ann and so on, there are 7 million 774 thousand yuan jackpot to listen to the double bet win the old saying goes, to listen to the meal. Andy’s awards are to listen to it in, "I and the lottery station owners know, buy big lottery two times before, I have a single type of ticket machine is selected, each betting 100 yuan," Andy said: "winning the day, the owner advised betting, I use multiple methods to spend almost, winning rate even more, I did not think, he picked up a pen to write the number of winning the lottery group, thanks to listen to advice, before the harvest of good luck." The joy of winning Andy is unable to calm down on the second day after the lottery in the morning that his winning news, "the lottery in the evening, the owner to call me, but when I shut down, the second day morning, open the mobile phone owners saw me winning the letter of interest, and was very calm, to the evening began to feel more and more excited, excited." Andy said with a smile. (China Sports News)相关的主题文章: