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After a lapse of 23 years, the film version of "cherry" in China – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Xiao Yang) 2016 is the 30 anniversary of the birth of cherry cartoon image, after 23 years apart, the audience once again usher in the movie version, and will visit the Chinese screen for the first time. The animated film "Chibi Maruko from Italy youth" will determine the China landing the mainland in September 23rd, "small ball" with China audience 20 years later, finally landing Chinese screen. This news was exposed, has aroused strong repercussions on the network, my fans exclaimed: "long live" from kindergarten until the University, you finally come!" "Chibi Maruko" tells the story of his family and classmates go between some of the old habits, to the original author cherry teacher childhood was modeled into the author’s perception of childhood, ordinary and real, naughty and full of positive energy. The ball with common children are some advantages and disadvantages, greedy, spoiled, do not love the class, but also simple, kind, full of vitality. Everyone in the ordinary girl body, more or less can see the shadow of childhood. "Cherry from Italy" tells the story of youth from around the world in 6 different countries children come to the hometown of water, were lodged in her classmates and my family. In a team to Osaka, Tokyo travel, go help from Italy teenager Andre looking for Grandpa’s friends, a series of interesting and touching story. The film as a screenwriter by "Chibi Maruko" original author cherry, animation director Takagi Jun as director.相关的主题文章: