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UnCategorized Structure and balance in your kids life will accelerate their self esteem and also their self confidence level. Try it and you will find the truth in taking simple steps. Kids will do better in school, sports, extracurricular activities and everything they are involved in, if they are taught the basics of having structure and balance in their lives. Structure is building something up. For children it can involve things like brushing their teeth, bedtime hours, reading or studying versus play or watching television, what, when and where to eat, etc. As kids grow older, structure should and can change to reflect their experiences and additional needs. Being firm, fair and consistent about what is expected is critical to boosting a child’s self esteem and self image level. Clarity is necessary as well as following through. Otherwise, kids be.e confused. Simple structure or rules, rigorously implemented, let children know you love and care about them and their safety. Consequences that are reasonable, but inevitable, will benefit everyone in the family. Perhaps you can even discuss with your child, what he thinks is a fair punishment for a certain misdeed. Consider asking your children what chores they think they should do around the house. Perhaps they would like to alternate them, so as not to do the same ones all the time. Making ones own bed, however, should be mandatory. Balance is also necessary. Some parents praise their kids effusively and others hardly at all. Setting expectations high enough to challenge your child is good. However, do not set them so high that fulfilling something impossible. Consider somewhere in the middle. Praise your kids when you can be sincere, specific and when it has been earned. Can you see how structure and balance can be extremely helpful in helping to boost your kid’s self esteem and confidence level? For any age. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: