A village Party Secretary of Nanan rescue folks walk 5 hours to send him fracture treatment melia kreiling

A village Party Secretary of Nanan rescue fracture walk 5 hours to send him the medical people lying on the bed, Li Quanyuan every day to let the son and daughter to the village call, to understand the situation of Taiwanese news network September 19th in the Department of orthopedics ward 180th Hospital of PLA, 51 year old Li Quanyuan right shoulder bandaged, feet swelling, body 4 fractures. He could not move, even the water is his wife and daughter will be stuck in the Straw cup to his lips. He called his son and daughter to the bed, and asked them to call their home. Stay in hospital for two days, always so. 60 km outside Nanan nine Turin village, he served 12 years of village cadres home, the villagers and his family and he broke. September 15th Mid Autumn Festival, Li Quanyuan met him for a lifetime can not forget the scene: the villagers home down in the rain, mudslides down trees, also washed themselves, family, villagers shout, cry faint…… The rain washed away all night patrol 3 shoe in late September 14th 10, Nanan nine It’s raining and blowing hard. Li Quanyuan wearing slippers, holding an umbrella, and other village cadres, the village patrol geological disaster reconstruction households and households. In the probe to check a ditch culvert, a slipper accidentally into the ditch water. 15 am, Li Quanyuan home, cook the noodles line paste pad belly pad, 1 points, a slipper, starting again. Lin Hang Village has more than and 800 households, more than 2 thousand people, divided into the 15 groups, more decentralized. When Li Quanyuan came back, has more than 7 points in the morning, walking and slippers were washed away, his bare feet back to the village for a pair of boots. A 90 year old man died, the pro hall busy funeral, have to persuade transfer to a safe place. Just busy, people have two calls, two villagers houses collapsed, while Li Quanyuan call the other village cadres first look at the past, while to the collapse of the local time. At this time, is more than 9 in the morning. "Suddenly heard like the wind blowing sand, 21ours sound." Li Quanyuan knows, it’s bad. He ran, ran more than 10 meters, the great momentum of debris flow will he sideways down and left the boots off. Dozens of young and old to walk 5 kilometers to send him Doctor Li Quanyuan heard the son, brother and villagers shout, son and brother want to rush to save him, the sound of wind and rain is too big, he was shouting, waved the hand and motioned them to come, two people were stopped by the villagers. The huge debris flow, not to Li Quanyuan’s waist, he tried to get the head upturned, right foot to the impurity in the debris flow, he left with a hard pedal, make yourself along the water. Be washed 40 meters, Li Quanyuan reached a plateau, to climb up. At this point, the wind and rain gradually smaller, the momentum of the debris flow also stopped some of their loved ones and the villagers will be sent to a nearby family, drink some water. Find a bamboo ladder, he will help the bamboo ladder, exhausted he heard the cries of young and old villagers. He was carried down the mountain. This year, Li Quanyuan hard to repair the cement road, by mudslides washed changed. Guys get stones,相关的主题文章: