A number of naked men struck a woman police arrested 5 people involved visualboyadvance

A naked man shock a woman police arrested 5 people involved several men wearing underwear to a woman in the containment room, use the defibrillator multiple shock of a woman, scene screams constantly. Source: video screenshot police micro-blog. Chinese youth network November 9 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Sun Zhao) recently, a netizen posted the video in micro-blog, that a woman was more than the young man containment in the room, and was repeatedly defibrillator shock. After the video release, Jiangsu, Nantong police have been involved in the investigation. In this period of less than one minute video, more than men, a woman in the containment room bed, many of them wearing only underwear, a man with a defibrillator shock many times and asked the woman, "won’t you run?" The rest of the people holding the phone shooting. The woman was shocked when the scream, hard to bear. After the rapid spread of video content in the Internet, there are friends said, according to the dialogue in the video accent, the parties should be Jiangsu, Nantong, Tongzhou. Subsequently certified as Jiangsu City, Tongzhou District Province Public Security Bureau micro-blog account at noon yesterday issued a notice, said the police have been rapidly concerned and involved in the investigation, the current investigation is underway in the case of the. Today, at 10 am, the account issued a notice that the task force arrested Jo and other personnel involved in the case of five." This afternoon, China youth network reporters call the Jiangsu city of Nantong province Tongzhou police, a police officer surnamed Wang told reporters that this event is local, but the details of the case is unclear, because the people involved had just been arrested, the case is still pending, so I hope the public not to speculate, all to the investigation of public security the organ shall prevail." Currently, the case is still under investigation, China Youth Network will continue to focus on the matter. Source: China Youth Network Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: