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A fart triggered a quarrel between his father and son, 14 year old boy actually caught the police recently, Zhuanghe, the town of the sub border police station received a child report, said his father wanted to kill him…… In the subsequent investigation, but let the police dumbfounding. The police Li Yaqiang told reporters, "we normal police, rushed to the child, the parents are at home." After the police entered the house, then the police verify the contents of the boy, the child’s words let the police dumbfounding, "he said he was lying on the sofa, his father was watching TV, put a fart on his head, and then two men quarreled." Zhang Kun police reports, "the child was due to contradict, his father is very angry, the mood is very excited. Subsequently, the father reached out to spank a child, the child is also very excited, the police." Police told reporters that the investigation, the child has repeatedly claimed that his father was ready to kill him. But when the police investigation, the child did not hurt. "We have learned that the child is only 14 years old, in a rebellious period, in this case, he is usually more inconsistent with his father, his father said he would have a few words." Police introduction. We understand that the child is more to listen to his sister’s words, so we contacted the child’s sister, let his sister to appease the child education." Reporter Li Xiufeng相关的主题文章: