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Relationships If you are asking yourself "What is the best way to get my ex back" whether is an ex boyfriend, ex boyfriend, ex wife or ex husband, discover the best way to win an ex back and restore a relationship after a relationship breakup in this article. Unfortunately after a breakup, a lot of people engage in ineffective techniques to try to win an ex back but fail miserably. When a relationship breakup occurs, there is a lot of hurt and pain involved. When most people are dumped and seek to try to win an ex back after a breakup, they usually do the wrong things that only backfire and push the ex away and sometimes into the arms of another. The first step to answer the question "What is the best way to get my ex back?" is to remember not to pressure your ex to take you back. Do not incessantly call them and leave countless messages. This will not help you get back with the ex. Stop the constant texts, emails, etc. If you are considering stalking them to see if they are seeing someone new, you need to reconsider this as this will not bring ex back. This will only make you look desperate and pathetic to him or her and to yourself and will not bring ex back. The first step is to have some respect for yourself even when you are trying to win your ex back. This means not chasing after him or her or bombarding them with frequent communication. This will give them too much power over you which they may use against you and treat you anyway that they want. Take back your power by being cool during this period especially after a recent breakup. You want to act like you are not bothered by your ex and act like you are moving on from him or her and that you are not too concerned about the relationship breakup. You need to act this way even when you are crying yourself to sleep at night over the breakup. By acting this way, your ex will be caught off guard especially if he or she dumped you. This is one of the ways that will help you get back with the ex. You do not want to appear desperate around your ex. If you can avoid being around him or her or running into him or her for a period of time in order to give your ex time to miss you and wonder what is going on with you, this will help you get back with the ex. As you try to get your ex back, you do not want to engage in behavior that will make him or her think that he or she made the right decision by leaving you. You do not want to go out to bars and clubs where you know he or she will be and try to make him or her jealous by flirting with random people. Do not start dating his or her friends in the hopes that this will help you win your ex back. This only looks thoughtless and childish. You just want to play it cool and be patient during this time without trying to make him or her angry if you ever hope to rekindle the love and restore the relationship. During this time, you may want to take some time by yourself to work on yourself especially if you are too dependent on your ex. Your happiness and self worth should not be dependent on another person. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: