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Business In ’55, chanel madame Feb rolled out a fabulous trendy bag, in luxurious planet lifted a revolution. 2.55 with its birth time naming, these days, continues to be grace and distinctive flavor pronoun. Ladieshandbags has so far greater than just one thing in existence, but are worthy of an important part, is to go traveling or function essential things. Chanel ladies are far higher than others much more early awakening towards the handbag near relationship with every day existence, so in 1955 February design ???, and has since turn out to be two.55 palace of trendy bound operates. These days, the chanel year 7 handbags sequence, start unceasing innovation, from classical sequence to seasonal layout, write fonts. From 1983 Karl gulag ophir, handbags anytime and anyplace because charge plays an essential role from the patent sheepskin to FanMao sheepskin, tweed to denim, gold and silver thread weaving, knitting hope cibvebuebt abd from cigerrat case to big handbag, choiceness small bag to random weave up, as he stated: clever use of traditional, sometimes add lively humor element, to ensure that the brand name exuberant essential elements. Treasure home of handbags CARMELO ANTHONY jersey two.55 handbag chain belt and rhombohedrons situation grain has be.e a brand two classic marker, advancing with the Occasions derived from different change. Cortical and woodiness fine brigandine employee, filar satin printing, tweed or leather .pose on metal anchor nails, soft suede leather, classics, cream-colored or attractive pink, chanel bag in form, supplies and color and lustre continuously strive to innovation, all display savour un.monly. Each time, Karl gulag ophir all break via classical, to everybody limitless surprise, he created the handbags has chanel brand traditional features, but probably the innovation. two.55 handbags would be the real treasure, can encounter the check of time, and lead the tide ?? ?? with its unique double C logo continue to write brand flowery eternal legend. Shock the handbag 2.55 handbag isn’t limited to its remarkable function design, today is somewhere between art and style trend between indicators. Each studio with the chanel exquisite workmanship, and produce a breathtaking style. For instance only retains the sculptures shape the statue of handbags, crisscross the rhombohedrons case grain pearl handbags, or gold-plated skins chain type cinemagraphic Aquarius bags, embroider on numerous fortunate symbol tweed handbags, printed with double C identification of weaving silk adornment is up handbags, inventive pentium surprise operates. Chanel handbags with enjoyable and innovative style premise, traditional fusion superior technology, produces the immortality of crystallization. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: