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Reference-and-Education Without a post secondary degree nowadays, you stand no chance at getting a job. This is because a university degree is the new highschool degree – since everyone has one, it has be.e the new bare minimum employers look for. It won’t be easy for many students to even get accepted to a post secondary institution due to limited space in classrooms, let alone trying to pay for the steadily rising costs associated with such an endevor. Older models of distance education utilized regular mail to send written material, videos, audiotapes, and CD-ROMs or other media storage format (e.g. SDRAM or .pactFlash cards) to the student and to turn in the exercises. Today’s distance education course makes use of E-mail, the Web, and video conferencing over broadband network connections for both wired physical locations and wireless mobile learning. In some countries, the material is supplemented by television and radio programming. To .pete with the conventional sector, course material must be of very high quality and .pleteness, and will use modern technologies such as educational animation. 1. An Online Education This is where online education .es in. Online college education doesn’t have class size restrictions, and it’s significantly cheaper than attending a traditional university. If you need to work and study at the same time without conflicts between the two, online university courses can help there too. 2. It’s The Real Deal First of all, it should be made clear that an online degree isn’t the equivalent of the traditional degree, it is the traditional degree. You get the same piece of paper, say, a MBA, after .pleting either program. This is because you take the exact same courses in order to .plete the program, only they are offered in a different medium. 3. The Pros Also, Cons Of An Online Education Pros – – You can set your own schedule for studying – Great for parents – Great for those that have busy schedules – Connect to your education anywhere, anytime – Chat with other students in the same classes as you Cons – – Many find it difficult to finish the degree in a reasonable time period – Lack of interaction with teachers – Unable to ask questions to professors About the Author: 相关的主题文章: