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UnCategorized For a lot of people, coming to Nevada for a night on the town will end up costing an arm and a leg. However, the locals get a chance to learn that this simply isn’t always the case. This can certainly be said for the locals of the Nevada Capital, Carson City. Carson City is a Historic city located about a twenty minute drive east of world famous Lake Tahoe. Being only a short drive from California gives Carson City easy access to California visitors looking to do something different for a day or two, or even a long weekend. After all, if you plan accordingly, a great night in Carson City, Nevada can be had for less than $60.00 a night, all inclusive. That’s right! If you know how to play the game right, you can have a full evening of live music, drinking, plenty of food, and a clean place to sleep for under $60.00 for the evening. There are several decent sized casinos in Carson City and all of them are very competitive. In downtown Carson City you have the Nugget playing "King of the Hill", and further south there is Fandango Casino. When traveling to Carson City the south end is usually a better choice for visitors, because it’s much cleaner and is a newer, more recently developed part of town. Both of the main casinos in Carson City have live lounge entertainment on weekends, at which time guests can drink from a virtually bottomless pit of beer, wine and spirits. The good news is, the drinks can be had all night for about $20.00 if you’re a patient person. The key is to take $20.00 and find a slot machine with nickel keno. A multi card keno machine works fine because you do not have to play all cards. Playing at a nickel per card with the game speed set to slow will guarantee you several hours of free drinks. Remember, the casinos comp all drinks while gambling. Mind you, tipping is always nice so plan on spending a few extra dollars on tips. But before you start drinking, sign up for a players club card. In a lot of cases, this will give you one free complimentary meal voucher either at sign up or after a few points are obtained (Fandango buys you dinner after the first 25 points, which is very easy to obtain). So with tips, you’ve had live music, plenty of drinks, and a full dinner for around $25.00. Now it’s time for a shower and some rest. The south end of Carson City has several decent hotels that will give you a clean and cozy room for about $30.00 to $40.00 a night. With taxes we can assume it will be $50.00 to be safe. For two people, the entire night out will cost about $50.00 each. Add gas money and you’re all set. Not bad. Not bad at all. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: