Dispatch Center Mulls Adoption Of New Call Center Phone System To Help Emergency Responses-naughty怎么读

.munications During a 911 call placed in Trinidad, responders are able to see the neighboring dispatch center, the site and number of the calls origin .e up on their .puter screen. Also, the map and address is integrated with the information that appears to them. The map of the city is usually perfect, however in distant areas in the county, dispatchers and responders usually have to ask for more thorough information about the location and which way to take. This information is then given to the agency that is responsible for the situation. At the Trinidad dispatch center, its very important, when an emergency call .es in, that the responder knows exactly where to go. At their latest meeting, the issue was raised that they do not have enough information on where people stayed or lived. Another point of interest was the need for an adoption of a new call center phone system. A number of emergency responders, county and city employees attended a joint meeting between the Las Animas County Board of .missioners and Trinidad City Council. The meeting, addressing the issue on finding an easier, faster and more efficient system to respond on emergency scenarios in the countys far flung areas. E-911 Authority Board representative Anthony Mattie explained that it is difficult for emergency responders to get to the person because of the confusing outline and copies of the roads in the rural district. He also spoke about the mapping project which they have considered to replace the inaccurate mapping system, especially on the county maps. If an emergency responder cannot get the correct address at a short time, the county could be held responsible for damages, its very important that they know where they are going. He added. He stressed that it was not only important for them to know where the specific location for the emergency was, its also important for them to arrive there safely. The issue with them having a lot of errors in the mapping program not only affected the time of response for the team, it also gave them another problem, which route to take? The E-911 Authority Board, in addition, takes responsibility for the calls from the emergency call center phone system. He also said the group needed suitable and needed funding for the workforce and maintenance. Rita Torres, Head of .munications for the Trinidad Police Department spoke about some changes in their map system that would really help dispatchers transmit calls quicker and more efficiently. The location needs to be spotted immediately and that all data from all departments should be the same. This should be integrated in the call center phone system, with both .ponents working together. That way, not only will the dispatched team get there in a timely manner, they can get there before the situation gets worse. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: