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Photography Bobby Jones is one of the unique identities in the history of golf game. Due to his previous records in golf, he is the only golfer credited with a single-season Grand slam, and was absolutely the dominant player of the 1920s. It could not be surprise that Bobby Jones is the greatest part-time golfer who always lived. Because of, Jones often played golf for only three months of the year, running to the greatest tournaments during the summer. The Biography of Bobby Jones Jones was born into a renowned family in Atlanta. But according to his history he was such a sickly child and was unable to eat good or solid food items till the ages of five year. The family"s members bought a house on East Lake Country Club of Atlanta concerned to Jones" health trouble improvement as he appeared into sports, especially for golf. Golfer Jones never had easy lessons for new golf players, but developed his swing shot by reviewing the East Lake pro. His first winning tournaments was started at the age of 6 years, and by the age of 14, he was playing in national game championships. The career of Jones can be divided into two parts, the seven fat years and the seven lean years as well. Generally his lean years were included between the ages of 14 to 21, while the seven fat years indicated the age"s between21 to 28. Bobby Jones Golfer was a prodigy and playing in national championships at his younger period, when they got fame. Hence he rarely won anything of significance. In 1921"s British open golf championship, he frustrated with his performance and picked up his ball and walked off the course. His temper was popular and there were a lot of club-throwing incidents. His fat years is definitely start from the winning the 1923"s U.S Open golf championship he finally broke through this achievement. Between the years of 1923 to 1930, Jones participated in 21 national golf championship tournaments and won 13 of them successfully. His great performance in 1930 when he won the Grand Slam of the U.S Open golf tournament, British Amateur, British Open, U.S Amateur, all the championship in the same year. At the age of 28 years Bobby Jones golfer was retired from golf world. In the 1931 he started working through the first golf instructional videos movie related to golf game. At last, in 1948 Jones was diagnosed with a rare disease associated with central nervous system and never played again. Absolutely the golf"s history of Jones will be always inspiration for new golfers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: