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Xinzheng 9 year old girl propped up a home cooking and washing night homework early in the morning, many children still immersed in dreams, the 9 year old Fan Xiaomeng has begun a busy day. About 6 have to get up, mother made breakfast, then end to the mother to eat. Clean up after her to go to school by bus. After school and hurried home, cooking, washing clothes. Until the night mother fell asleep, she began to write the homework…… It is hard to imagine that this is a 9 year old child’s daily life. My mother fell ill, 9 year old girl when we received the Xinhua Road primary school a teacher’s phone, he told us the Xiao Meng family difficulties, hope love student association can help her, give assistance." Charity Association official Wang Jianwei told reporters, after receiving the news, Wang Jianwei and the association of volunteers "clown fish" to dream home to understand the situation, and sent the goods of love. It is understood that Fan Xiaomeng is the fourth grade primary school students in Xinhua Road city of Xinzheng, in September this year, transferred from Zhengzhou jinshuiqu. My parents divorced, her mother Fan Shuxia, earlier this year, Fan Shuxia was diagnosed with severe neurological venous thrombosis. Two legs out of action. Seriously ill in bed, eating and sleeping are needed someone to take care of. This task falls on the 9 year old daughter. In September 24th, the reporter saw Xiao Meng in a Hutong, thin and small arms, dark skin, wearing a large pink shirt, wearing a high ponytail, the body looks a bit malnourished. She told reporters, a makeshift tin alley in front of the house is her home. See inside, a small room on the left side of the door, put cooking pots and bowls on the right is a bed, mom was lying on top of Shuxia fan. The middle of a tricycle parked inside cluttered with some tomatoes and onions in a pocket, even a decent chair at all. Fan Shuxia was suffering from the skinny legs, not moving, just lie there and talk to us, "hundreds of thousands of Yuan surgery I can not get out, only to go home to take medicine to ease the pain. Before the legs can ride a tricycle to the street repair repair, one day earn fifty or sixty dollars. Now what is not dry, but also need someone to take care of. Charity Association and love people sent love "the age of the children at home with my parents, but their dream to turn around, hold up the house. Really sad and distressed." Volunteer "clown fish". In the understanding of Xiao Meng’s situation, Charity Association took out 1000 yuan to help Xiao Meng. On the same day, 2 people love also sent 1500 yuan love money, to help ease the difficult dream to complete their studies. Said the sad, miserable dream cry, charity Volunteer Association aunts embrace she settled down. For the dream, and mom, zaikuzailei also happy. See your help, her heart is very grateful: "if it is hard, I will not give up easily, I will not disappoint you." The Xinzheng times Li Xianwen Ventura

新郑9岁女孩撑起一个家 先做饭洗衣深夜写作业一大早,很多孩子还沉浸在梦乡,9岁的樊晓梦已经开始了一天的忙碌。6点左右就已经起床,给妈妈做早饭,然后端给妈妈吃。收拾好后她再坐公交去上学。放学后又急忙赶回家,做饭、洗衣服。直到深夜妈妈入睡了,她才开始写作业……很难想象这是一个9岁孩子的日常生活。妈妈患病,9岁的女孩当家“我们接到新华路小学一名教师的电话,他向我们反映晓梦家境困难,希望仁爱助学协会能帮助她,给予资助。”仁爱协会负责人王建伟告诉记者,在接到这个消息后,王建伟和协会的志愿者“小丑鱼”到晓梦家了解情况,并送去了爱心物资。据了解,樊晓梦是新郑市新华路小学四年级的学生,今年9月份从郑州金水区转学过来。爸妈离异,跟着妈妈樊书霞生活,年初时候樊书霞查出患有严重的神经性静脉血栓症。两条腿失去行动能力。重病卧床,吃喝拉撒都需要人照看。这个任务就落在了9岁的女儿身上。9月24日,记者在一个胡同口见到了晓梦,瘦瘦小小的胳膊,皮肤黝黑,穿着一件宽大的粉色上衣,扎着一个高高的马尾,整个小身子看起来显得有些营养不良。她告诉记者,前面胡同里一个临时搭建的铁皮房子就是她的家了。走进里面看到,一小间屋子,门的左边放着煮饭的锅碗,右边是一张床,妈妈樊书霞正躺在上面。中间停着一辆三轮车,里面凌乱地放着几个西红柿和一兜洋葱,甚至连一张像样的椅子都没有。被病痛折磨的樊书霞瘦得皮包骨,腿不能动,只能躺着和大家说话,“十几万元的手术费我实在拿不出来,只能回家吃药缓解疼痛。之前腿好还能骑三轮车去街上修修鞋,一天挣五六十块钱。现在什么也干不了,还需要人照顾。仁爱协会与爱心人士送来爱心款“同龄的孩子都在家享福,爸妈围着转,晓梦却要自己撑起这个家。真的让人难过又心疼。”志愿者“小丑鱼”说。在了解了晓梦的情况后,仁爱协会拿出了1000元帮助晓梦。就在当天,2名爱心人士也送来了1500元爱心款,帮助晓梦缓解困难,完成学业。说到伤心处,晓梦心里难受哭出声来,仁爱协会志愿者阿姨们的拥抱让她安定了下来。对于晓梦来说,能和妈妈一起,再苦再累也是幸福的。看到大家给予的帮助,她心里很感激:“即使很辛苦,我也不会轻易放弃学习,我不会辜负大家的期望。”新郑时报 李显文 文 图相关的主题文章: