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6 constellation women make men suffer no public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Source: micro radio people feel the love time, how many are feeling in an unpredictable future; when two people share the unknown, but also share your common unknown. Love is unconditional, but you have to understand that the understanding of each other is not to stay away from each other, but in order to go on a long and difficult road, the two people to go better, more smoothly, and safely walk it! For men, some women is the source of his happiness, and some women will make him miserable; women make men suffer not light? What constellation of women will have such a big magic? The following six women may let your marriage be a painful process, 12 in the constellation constellation woman quickly to your reference: 1, a man of a woman she may want to change from a family without love, never emotionally too warm. She could not get the love from her parents because she tried in every way, so she would try her best to seek her partner. If a partner doesn’t know how to give her the right kind of love, she will try to change. She always felt that the other side is not perfect, but still believe that the potential of the other party, will use all means to turn the other side into the person she needs. If you refuse to accept her transformation, your marriage will come to an end. Watchful signs: Aries, Virgo and capricorn. Aries women in love some strong, that they pay the most perfect side to the other side have to feel and return, so the other half of their own behavior and other styles of control transformation. Virgo is not only for the partner, as long as the other people see the other side of the week, it will NAG and dissatisfaction. Capricorn female principle is strong, if the other party has violated their principles will want to influence, change each other. 2, a woman who has no self, she may never care about themselves. When a person needs to take care of the appearance, she naturally put all the attention on the other side of the body, do everything possible to pay for each other. She is willing to accept and bear the blame and guilt in the emotional world. She is not for their own lives, but for others; rather than her selfless dedication of the female, as she is the loss of self love slaves. However, marriage is an equal partnership, rather than the relationship between master and slave. Accompanied by a woman who does not self, the man is the heaviest heaviest emotional baggage. Unless you are a cold man, can accept her sacrifice". For her, once a man has left her for some reason, she may have collapsed because she can’t accept the reality. Vigilant sign: Pisces, Virgo, libra. Pisces woman and Virgo woman is usually that may be personality and principle, but meet the people we care about, you will instinctively obey in every way, and Virgo is completely lost art, or escape or leave yourself too strong, want to control everywhere…… Libra women always look at each other’s behavior, or with other friends of the friends of the comparison reference, almost forgotten their true thoughts. This)相关的主题文章: