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Recipes #1 Papaya Salad with Chili After enjoying tequila shot at one of the chill out bars in Singapore, taking a bite of the papaya salad with chili will help you enjoy the moment better. The dish is spicy and the presence of chili and the papaya slices will give a unique sensation to your taste buds when you enjoy tequila shots. Salty fish, cherry tomatoes, fish sauce, sugar, and garlic paste are the other ingredients added along with papaya and chili to prepare this amazing dish. You should not forget to try out this delectable Thai delicacy during your trip to Singapore. #2 Glass Noodle Pad This is another authentic Thai dish that can be enjoyed along with your favorite drinks. This noodle based delicacy is not too spicy but is good enough to help you enjoy your favorite drink at the whisky bars in Singapore. After sipping down the drink, taking a spoonful of this delicacy will just make the drink taste better. After a sip of whisky, when you take another bite of this dish, you will be able to enjoy its taste better too. In short, glass noodle pad and whisky .plements each other in the best possible way. #3 Spicy Pork delicacy If you want to enjoy the most succulent pork delicacies, you should definitely try out Thai cuisine. The bars and restaurants serving this variant of cuisine will help you enjoy some delectable pork based delicacies in Singapore. Spicy pork delicacy is one of the best options you can try out if you want to enjoy every drop of your tequila shots at the pubs and lounge bars in the country. This is the delicacy that is usually served at the most elegant corporate events and private parties in the country along with whisky and tequila shots. #4 Soured Fish Salted fish is allowed to sour by keeping it for about 3 days before preparing this dish. This is a dish that is prepared in authentic Thai style with great care using the traditional ingredients and apparatus. The choice of spices and other ingredients are done with extreme care in order to provide the perfect flavor to the dish. You can order it at the popular wine bars in Singapore to enjoy your drinks like never before. #5 Cinnamon Pork Thigh The pork is boiled before adding the other ingredients and this makes the dish extremely soft and luscious. Star-anise is added along with cinnamon to give the dish a pleasing aroma. You will love each and every bite of this delicacy when you order it along with tequila shots at the vibrant pubs in the country when you set out to enjoy the nightlife. #6 Sliced Pig Ears This is another snack variant from the Thai platter that can be ordered to enjoy your glass of whisky when you are at the popular bars in the country. The use of different varieties of sauces and spices gives the dish the hot flavors which will be perfect when you order whisky and tequila shots along! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: