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Moving! Shenzhen pregnant women at the time of the birth of the sub crisis of the doctor with his mouth to suck amniotic fluid original title: today’s most touching scene in Shenzhen! The second half of pregnant women give birth, crisis doctor mouth suction fluid Nandu news today around nine in the morning, a woman came to the nearby Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Shenzhen hospital door child has been born in the crotch, and bleeding. After hearing the call of the family, the hospital guide doctors, obstetricians quickly action, take temporary emergency shelter. Critical moment, obstetrician Wu Lili directly with the mouth to suck amniotic fluid. After the rescue, the mother and child safe! Early in the morning rushed to the hospital when the abdominal pain does not attach importance to roadside delivery according to the introduction, this morning at about six, the 27 year old child pregnant women, Ms. Wang did not appear abdominal pain, attention to rest at home. It was nearly nine when I realized that I was going to go to hospital. When arrived at the hospital near the intersection of abdominal pain, with a broken amniotic fluid, children immediately in the crotch, slipped down the leg. Family rushed to the hospital door to call the doctor. Understanding of the situation, maternity doctor Wu Lili took the first aid kit rushed to the king of childbirth, nurses quickly took the screen for emergency treatment of mothers and newborns! In desperation, the doctor with the mouth for the baby sucking amniotic fluid neonatal whole body in the legs, body purple throat, nose mucus and amniotic fluid." Dr. Wu involved in the rescue. But there is a certain distance away from the maternity ward, if not as soon as possible to clean up the neonatal respiratory tract secretions and amniotic fluid, neonatal choking into the amniotic fluid will cause aspiration pneumonia. Dr. Wu did not hesitate to pick up the baby in the rescue box suction tube, with his mouth to suck the nose and mouth to the newborn in the amniotic fluid, clean up the respiratory tract, to help the newborn breathing! At the same time, the medical staff quickly dried amniotic fluid and neonatal blood on the body, and the package was wrapped to prevent neonatal neonatal warm cold. In order to ensure that the newborn breathing unobstructed, doctors and nurses who help the newborn with oxygen, while helping the cart, the rapid delivery of maternal and newborn to the maternity ward in the hospital. After the ward, neonatal heart rate, respiration, blood oxygen monitoring are normal, mother and child safety. " when you see the hands of the baby by the purple body becomes ruddy complexion, mouth will find breastfeeding, and women have stable vital signs, the heart of the string tension were not relaxed! Grateful baby! " Dr. Wu said. The second child birth rate than a fetal soon pregnant mother not negligence according to Doctor Wu introduced, child birth rate than a child soon, and the maternal effect appeared at six in the morning, stomach pain under the condition of natural pain to not take it seriously, until ready to come to the hospital. But when the door to the hospital did not hold back, a force out of the child, and accompanied by bleeding. She suggested that the child pregnant or planning a second child mothers, not because the child is, just let down, child may be more dangerous!相关的主题文章: