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Carman Lee "ugly" challenge the most beautiful "charter parties" – Beijing, Beijing morning news (reporter Feng Xia) Beijing TV sports show "comedy king" will be held October 1st cross-border National Day 20:30 ushered in a new phase of the program. Has been to the goddess image for the audience are familiar with the Carman Lee unexpectedly unexpectedly "ugly", Stephen Chow played a classic movie "Kung Fu" in the Charter, to subvert the large scale of the audience terrified. Carman Lee, for the first time in 1995 starred in TV series, with "as Helen of Troy The legend of Condor Hero" fame, this image has not only become the masterpiece of Carman Lee, is among the many fans of the classic. During the interview, Carman Lee said after the Helen of Troy, she is not too much to relive the "The legend of Condor Hero a recent review", or ten years ago, the Mandarin version of the "The legend of Condor Hero". Compared with fans hate that happy memories forever, but in the "fairy sister king" on the stage of cross-border comedy down "and" idol burden, completely to a large cross. Carman Lee’s version of the Charter not only once again to restore the "Kung Fu" scene in the classic plot, but also "news play new, full of delight. For his first attempt to comedy, but also to the northeast, Carman Lee said a lot of pressure, in fact, I do not have a little comedy cells, in front of a friend, my reaction is always the slowest. However, I am interested in challenging work." From the public eye for many years, asked why the comeback, Carman Lee said, "I never quit how to return?" It is difficult to go beyond the classic works, or the new comedy is successful; Carman Lee "the most beautiful landlady" reputation, Yuan Qiu is still the plastic image of the people? This week the cross-border triggered at any moment.相关的主题文章: