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"Dad 4", "fresh" on-line mango TV Hunan Daily reporter   Chen Wei October 7th, parent-child variety show "daddy go where the fourth season" pilot film on Mango TV online. Cai Guoqing Cai Xuanzheng and his son, Tian Liang Tian Chenyu (nicknamed little liangzai) and his son, Sha Yi Sha Junbo (nicknamed Anji) and his son, "Dad, Huang Zhilie, practice" Dong Li Zhang Lunshuo, "our adorable baby koala, Cui Yahan (nicknamed Arale), Li Yihang unveiled the 12 guests at the beginning, won praise. It is understood that "Dad go where the fourth season" pilot film premiered, 4 hours of play that exceeded 40 million, 12 hours to continue to occupy micro-blog real hot search list first. These couple of father and son live in a variety of situations, as well as the practice of father and vegetarian Meng baby pattern everyday, full of affection, innocence, happiness. This season, "biological father and son + practice father son" innovative model, so that 6 fathers divided into professional dads and practice dads two camps. 3 children with professional dad too confident, the middle age of the old man is not God Cai Guoqing claimed his son when his father, said "I will coax him, he wants to know what" has been to show people the image of comedy; Sha Yi said "I was afraid of my son", although it is the first time to travel. But he felt good children "; and be nothing difficult in the first quarter" has accumulated sufficient experience of Tian Liang, claiming to be "old driver", before it is routine told his son: "mom say the wrong clothes collocation, clothes do not wear out dirty three days without change, the this season, not every day braids travel more easily. And the children of professional psychological advantage of dad who stay together morning and night full, Cai Guoqing quipped: "Dad Dad is copycat practice". But "fearless" and 3 student dad are obviously not aware of the hardships faced with the baby, audibles refused to yield, expected a lot of 90 daddy Dong force with baby tricks, also sent to the micro-blog users collect bedtime story, are maozuliaojin. In addition to the appearance of the fathers, the adorable babies also attract the attention of the audience, "small tease", "bear child", "little princess", "small warm man" all together. Among them, the son of Sha Yi Anji fully inherited the father funny character, expression changed; a "northeast scum flavor" accent, and occasionally laughing from hi funny character, let out, claiming "there are two children" experience Sha Yi almost overwhelmed. This group of average age only four or five years old Meng baby together crazy, people really like netizens say that "head is big."". According to staff, the first trip, adorable baby who was familiar with after going trick, playing the "fall" of mayor Li Rui game, still not up on Li Rui. With this group of adorable babies, "Daddy 4", the most important thing in the journey is innocence and joy. A new journey of challenge and fun for Dad and MOE is coming again. "Dad 4" warmth does not change, warm heart return, every Friday night at Mango TV. 《爸爸4》“新鲜”上线芒果TV   湖南日报记者 陈薇   10月7日,亲子综艺节目《爸爸去哪儿第四季》先导片在芒果TV上线了。蔡国庆蔡轩正父子、田亮田宸羽(小名小亮仔)父子、沙溢沙俊伯(小名安吉)父子,“实习爸爸”董力、黄致列、张伦硕,“素人萌娃”考拉、崔雅涵(小名阿拉蕾)、李亦航12位嘉宾初亮相,获得好评。   据了解,《爸爸去哪儿第四季》先导片首播4小时播放量即突破4000万,12小时持续占据微博实时热搜榜第一。这几对亲生父子状况百出的相处实况,还有实习爸爸与素人萌娃的花样日常,充斥着亲情、童真、快乐。   本季“亲生父子+实习父子”的创新模式,让6位爸爸分成了专业爸爸与实习爸爸两大阵营。3位带着亲生孩子的专业老爸都特自信,中年得子的不老男神蔡国庆自称把儿子当爸爸,放言“我很会哄他的,知道他想要什么”;一直以喜剧形象示人的沙溢说“我儿子很怕我”,虽然是第一次旅行,但他觉得带好孩子“不在话下”;而已经在第一季中积累了充分经验的田亮,自称“老司机”,出发前就很有套路地吩咐儿子:“衣服搭配错了妈妈要说的,一身衣服穿出去不要弄脏就三天都不用换”,对本季不用每天扎辫子的旅行倍感轻松。   和孩子朝夕相处的专业老爸们心理优势满满,蔡国庆调侃说:“实习爸爸就是山寨爸爸”。但是“初生牛犊不怕虎”,3位实习爸爸显然还未意识到带娃的艰辛,面对“呛声”毫不示弱,90后奶爸董力预想了不少带娃招数,还发微博向众网友征集睡前故事,都是铆足了劲。   先导片除了老爸们的亮相,萌娃们也吸引了观众的目光,“小逗逼”“熊孩子”“小公主”“小暖男”全齐了。其中,沙溢儿子安吉完全继承了老爸的搞笑特质,表情百变;一口“东北大渣子味”的口音,加上时不时狂笑不止的自嗨性格,逗趣满分,让自称“毕竟是有两个孩子”经验足的沙溢也几乎招架不住。这群平均年龄只有四五岁的萌娃一起疯的时候,大人们就真的像网友们说的那样“头都大了”。据工作人员透露,第一次旅行中,萌娃们熟悉了后还会一起捣蛋,乐此不疲地玩着“扑倒”村长李锐的游戏,还赖在李锐身上不起来。   有了这群自带笑声的萌娃们,《爸爸4》旅行中最不缺的就是童真与欢乐。老爸与萌娃充满挑战与趣味的新旅行又要开始了。《爸爸4》温情不改,暖心回归,每周五晚相约芒果TV。相关的主题文章: